Food Theory: The Pink Sauce Mystery SOLVED (TikTok)

Food Theory: The Pink Sauce Mystery SOLVED (TikTok)

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By now you have probably heard about TikTok’s infamous Pink Sauce. It wasn’t MADE by TikTok, to be clear, but that was where the actual creator decided to market and sell their product. Except, then people actually TRIED it and the results were… not good. Today, I want to figure out what went wrong with the Pink Sauce – from the recipe to the regulations. Let’s get cooking!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Researchers: Eddie “NostalGamer” Robinson and Brittany Leigh Turnbull
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

#PinkSauce #TikTok #TikTokFood #ChefPii #Recipe #FoodTheory #MatPat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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34 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    honestly your pink sauce looks good…. can i buy a bottle?

  2. Olivia Smith says:

    It also said on the bottle “1 Table spoon per serving”, if there are 444 servings, that’s a whopping 1.73 Gallons, or 6.6 Litres! That is way more than possible to fit in a bottle the size showed in the original video

    • Dylan Smith says:

      Solution: The pink sauce bottle is a Tardis

    • Jorgelina Blasón says:

      @Psycho Path Huh?

    • Psycho Path says:

      What are you? Isaiah Photo?!

    • Jan Wanders says:

      While a Table spoon can be hard to get right, there’s also another thing on there that is very clearly defined: 14.4g/serving. Multiply this by 444 servings and you get that the bottle weighs about 6.3kg, or 14.1 pounds (the density should be around that of water (1kg/L), so your calculation checks out).

    • Germaine Foli-Archer says:

      I heard that it’s supposed to be teaspoons instead, but 1. a tsp is too small for a serving size and 2. that would still be over 2 litres.

  3. Morgan Cowing says:

    She’s a chef. Just like how many tv doctors are doctors… they aren’t. Also side note, in her videos she’s not wearing gloves OR a hairnet which is EXTREMELY unsanitary!

  4. Soffy Vlogs says:

    Matpat could honestly figure out the super secret coke recipe if he tried hard enough, it’s famously one of the most secretive recipes in history and it sounds like an interesting vid/series

    • Drew Smith says:

      The problem with that is Coca Cola uses coca leaves that have had the cocaine removed from them, not exactly an easy ingredient to get a hold of

  5. Emily Clarke says:

    Matt and Steph are the cutest together. It’s nice to see a wholesome example of a marriage where the couple is best friends.

    • turtleyamazing says:

      Steph shaming Matt for not knowing where stuff is in the kitchen killed me

    • Melanie Ackard says:

      Came here to say this. I love that they left in the little interaction at the end of the video. And was he only wearing one sock? 😄

  6. Aj Wilkie says:

    As a culinary kid, this lady’s product upset me so much, especially learning that she didn’t know about the FDA, any personal chef should have their ServSafe, and she would know about the freaking FDA just from getting that certification, let alone the other multitude of certificates she would need. It hurts my little culinary heart to see people try to sell this off as a healthy natural product

  7. Sally Kilby says:

    Thanks Mat and Stephanie, you’ve literally saved SOOO many people from having to go to ER 🤢🤮😂 & saved them from wasting $20. Stephanie you’ve hilarious too especially the oil comment at the end. 🤣🤣

    • Metazoxan Dexall says:

      People need to share this video … a lot. Maybe even put a video on ticktok linking to this video to get that crowd to check it out.

      People getting caught in this craze need to know this.

  8. CapeMalai_Weeb says:

    When I saw “pink sauce” I honestly thought this was about one of my favorite condiments, the miria rose sauce or 1000 islands dressing. It’s made with mayonnaise ;tomato paste and a little bit of paprika powder. It’s lovely for chicken; fries and especially seafood. 😋

  9. Emily Clarke says:

    MatPat: “Don’t buy things from people you don’t really trust on the internet”
    Also MatPat: “New Game Theory Merch out now”

    • Olivia Crews says:

      Can confirm, I’ve ordered some YouTuber’s merch in the past and Game Theory’s is the only time I’ve felt I’ve received a high-quality item.

    • M Banerjee says:

      MatPat/Steph aren’t some fame-chasing TikTok-er. They’ve consistently put informative videos for over a decade across 4 channels and donated to charities. Not to mention they have respective degrees in neuroscience/musical theater and pharmacology.

    • SumTingFishy says:

      I trust a person with millions and millions of subscribers and probably billions of views over multiple channels who spends hours researching his videos over a tiktok ’chef’ who can’t label correctly and whose sauce changed colour in every video.

    • A Literal Gray Circle says:

      But he is trustable, unlike “chef” pii who can’t even label a list of nutrition facts correctly.

  10. Vargen Fjorton says:

    Ingredient lists have to be accurate, It is a legal requirement that is regulated by the FDA in USA, And if the FDA says something is unhealthy it can’t be sold in stores either physicaly or digitaly

    • Unknown Unknown says:

      There’s very little that can be done to stop people selling food products over the internet. In fact, everything and anything is sold over the internet, the legality of it is moot.

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