Food Theory: This TikTok Drink is the Best WORST Idea Ever! (BORG)

Food Theory: This TikTok Drink is the Best WORST Idea Ever! (BORG)

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Welp, just like the good ole’ Tide Pods Challenge from 2018, another bizarre trend is taking over the youth of America: BORGs. College students across the country are drinking “Black Out Rage Gallons.” But, what are they? And is there ANY benefit to them? Grab your straw and let’s find out!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Brittany Leigh Turnbull
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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45 Responses

  1. The Film Theorists says:

    Wait… Star Trek isn’t cool?

  2. Eloise Chisholm says:

    Matpat is great at keeping his viewers safe and entertained while telling dad jokes in the process

  3. WinterTech says:

    Matt’s suggestion about the Borg Baby I’d pretty spot on. On my college campus I’ve seen people utilizing the smaller 1/2 gallon bottles for their Borgs instead of the traditional full gallon. Additionally I highly doubt many people utilize the full bottle of vodka for their Borgs, usually it’s 1/4 a gallon vodka with 3/4 water. Additionally, I have never seen anyone use an ENTIRE bottle of Mio for their Borgs. That’s wayyy too expensive for us college students to be wasting like that.

  4. Richard Denney says:

    Thank you for getting this information out again. It is easy to forget how absolutely dangerous caffeine mixed with alcohol is.

  5. Emmie says:

    Unis student here who also works in a bar:
    I have had an entire bottle of vodka in one night before (with mixers, I’m not that stupid). Here are my drinking tips to stay safe

    1- if you are at a party, never drink when you’re alone. At least one person in your group HAS to stay sober. Make it fair by rotating
    2- my personal recommendation is to only get drinks in bottles, like VK, WKD, Rekordilig, Budweiser etc. Don’t get mixed drinks or drinks from taps (in my experience they are also cheaper)
    3- if your drink is unattended for even a SECOND, that is no longer your drink. Abandon it or even better, dump it to prevent others from drinking a potentially spiked drink.
    5- If five people enter the party, five people are leaving. If your friend is drunk, do not let them go to someone else’s place for a hook up. Especially if that other person is sober.
    6- if you don’t see the drink being poured, do not drink it. If you feel uncomfortable with someone who bought you a drink, or you just don’t want it, put it down discreetly or accidentally spill it. DO NOT do anything you are uncomfortable doing. Practice saying no. No does not stop predators sadly, but it can get someone else’s attention
    7- ALWAYS MAKE A SCENE if you feel unsafe. Make as much noise as you can, get all eyes on you if possible. It does not matter if you are embarrassing yourself. Your safety is more important.
    8- (this one is just for convenience and can be more fun with the right people) drink at home with friends. Make your own foul cocktails in the safety of your own home. Worst case scenario, you throw up in your bathroom sink and have to spend an hour cleaning it the next morning.

    Have fun and stay safe!!!

    • louison sad says:

      For rule 8 if the weather is right you can go to a large park near your city or to some place near a “nature walk” (I don’t know the word sry)

    • smoldogo says:

      doing rule 8 is also cheaper

    • Ricky Torres says:

      @TheComposerChangingGames avoiding situations and problems just aren’t always options so as you said, it’s still very helpful because it is indeed informative. 🙂

    • Aaron says:

      Wish ppl followed this advice more. As a uni students, the amount of times I’ve had so called friends abandon me on nights out is insane. I’m not saying anyone should be forced into a babysitter role but it’s be nice if ppl had the decency to stick with the group they came with

  6. QN Reviews says:

    Being in the UK, and as a teen, we regularly brought entire bottles of vodka with us which were absolutely gone by the end of the night. Borg seems to be a reskin of whatever random stuff we threw together hahaha

  7. Andrew says:

    As a college student myself who actually made a borg this weekend, there are a couple of things that MatPat could have done that could have presented the topic without coming across so harsh at times. Big thing is the idea that it’s always 17 shots going in. Never had one with that much, usually less. The idea of a borg is for it not to be over done with alcohol so that you actually enjoy the taste of it. Ten is a number me and my friends mostly settle on. While I know that’s a still lot, it is a bit better. Second is the Mio angle. Most of the borgs at my school, if not all, use non-caffeinated Mio or water sweeteners to avoid the caffeine that we know is dangerous. This just leads to better results all around and makes it less dangerous. Mat even mentioned the Kool Aid flavoring and never brought it back up again. Third is that borgs typically aren’t meant to be consumed in an hour or two. They are meant for over the course of a day or long night that spans multiple hours, meaning the concentrated effects aren’t as strong as one would think. It’s just to have something good to drink on you while having a fun time. And lastly the water in there makes hangovers after borging much more manageable. Might just be me but it seems to work well for others as well. Understand how serious overconsumption of both alcohol and caffeine can be and I am totally on MatPat’s side about that, just seems like some of the video came off a bit harsh as opposed to the reality of what boring actually is. Love seeing something on FoodTheory that I actually have some experience with and can comment on.

    • Diana Merchant says:

      My friend would make pineapple hunch punch. I don’t even think it had pineapple in it.
      It was meant to be drank slowly during the whole party. It had every type of alcohol he could find lol.

    • ippan pedrozo says:

      the difference between drinking all 17 shots in under an hour, and drinking half the gallon for the time socializing and then heading back to the dorm not finishing it because most people don’t finish an entire gallon of anything that fast. mat acting like gen z downing the entire gallon in a single sitting lmao

    • Aaron says:

      So true. It felt like he wasn’t really presenting the entire reality of it. Firstly, let’s be real, most students are too broke to afford an entire vodka bottle every time they go out. Most ppl are def not putting that much in their Borgs. And personally, no one Ik ever uses caffeinated sweeteners bc, as he even said in the video, it can make u feel less drunk than u actually are, when the point is that ppl want to feel drunk. The pros of borgs definitely outweigh the cons, especially if ur making one smartly

    • Oscar Cacnio says:

      It’s good, then, that the majority of BORG instances are not the abuse of it. A swig from a water jug, not downing a barrel for a dare.
      It could possibly relate to M. Patrick being a father of a small child now, and that mindset transplanting itself over to us the audience.

      Side bar. I am a college kid myself and have been a teetotaler ever since I entered during the brunt of the _Major Global Event_ .

  8. James Zoumas says:

    I am a freshman in college. Party’s are most certainly not my thing so I had no idea what a borg was until I walked into my room while my roommate was gathering the ingredients to make one. I was just like why do you have mio and vodka.

  9. Alexis Harper says:

    I’m actually a really big fan of the baby borg idea. You definitely should not have a full one in your hands while under the influence of alcohol, much less caffeine if you’re crazy and want to do that, however having a set amount for you to drink in advance and easily be able to see where you are along that line is great. If someone is wild enough to want to do caffeine and alcohol, having a set amount of each that’s specifically measured out is exactly what you need. Ironically, the baby borg can be used as a tool of moderation while the full borg just seems like the complete opposite. It would be really interesting to see how this could evolve.

    • Vaeldarg says:

      The “full borg” in those clips Mat showed looks less like a “drinking game” and more like a cry for help from an alcohol addict.

  10. CupidAmi says:

    Love the addressing of the whole subject; it’s good that you’re acknowledging how bad the drinking culture is in younger people, and you’re just keeping them informed.

    Also, a note from me(someone who’s native to the Western MA area), it’s actually pronounced Am-merst not Am-herst lol

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