Food Theory: We Need To Talk About The Green M&M

Food Theory: We Need To Talk About The Green M&M

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There is a lot of talk out there about the Green M&M. She’s gone through some… iterations, but that is NOT what we are talking about today. At least, not the most important thing. What I’m looking to see is if green M&Ms can help you get LUCKY! Think of this as the spiritual successor to our chocolate episode a while back.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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27 Responses

  1. riktang says:

    food theory idea: could eating food you dont like actually make you sick

  2. Mason Young says:

    You could just say “are green M&Ms an aphrodisiac”. As far as I am aware that is the commonly used, more “family friendly” term.

  3. Provolone FatBoy says:

    Here’s my theory: The bowls of the same colored candy definitely had something to do with color theory (maybe not all but at least a little). But my guess is that they also made the brain a little confused. You see, when you see an ad for m&m’s you see (usually) see all the colors, and so you kind of get used to it, anytime you see a bowl of same colored m&m’s its for a reason- its there to prove some sort of point (like in on the desk of a receptionist or something, hopefully that makes sense). But in conclusion it just doesn’t make sense to our brain is some way, like the uncanny valley of candy.
    Though I did see a theory on here saying something about the fact that they’d be suspicious is they walked in a room for an experiment and saw a bowl of same colored m&m’s there, they might wonder a little more what the experiment is about and get distracted. I could see this making sense in a way.

  4. Ava Adams says:

    MatPat keeping things family friendly even if he has a mature enough audience by this point.

  5. Llamarama says:

    I feel like i can solve this theory immediatly. Some people saw the green M&M was given female traits and found out they were into it and made the excuse it was something in the green M&Ms that did it. Even tho its just choclate with a different colour candy on top

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I’d say MatPat did quite a great job with the topic of procreation while tiptoeing around the community guidelines.

  7. Andrea B says:

    Um, when I was a teen, people didn’t say that made you feel any particular way, but they were a secret signal. So like, if someone wanted some intimate time with someone else, they would offer them a green one as a signal. If it was accepted, that mean the person was willing.

  8. ♡Strawberry Sunix♡ says:

    I do agree for some reason looking at the bowl of mixed colored candies was just way more satisfying

  9. 4Louis MC says:

    Im from austria. We don’t have a single thing here that is like that. We only have the US culture things, like M&Ms and Twix.

  10. firewolf says:

    “But first do you see that big red button down there? Does it make you feel some type of emotion deep down?”

    MatPat just gave the phrase “smash that subscribe button” a whole new meaning.

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