Food Theory: Yes, The Knock Off Is BETTER!

Food Theory: Yes, The Knock Off Is BETTER!

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Are you a brand name or store brand kind of person? People generally fall on one side or the other for various reasons. Today, I want to explore what those are and see if there is really a BETTER option. Will the generic brands rise above their bad reputations? Will the brand names fail to meet the hype? Let’s test some food!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Forrest Lee, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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40 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    This is why I love Aldi so much, pretty much the same stuff but cheaper

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Very nice. You just confirmed that the generic brands are literally the same in every way, and they’re cheaper because the studies showed that people tend to trust big name brands more than the “knock off” versions. Wonder how many people are going to save more money now, because of this video.

    • CRYSTAL GEM says:

      Get Outta here

    • Verris says:

      around 887 thousand so far.


      @najj channel same

    • FlaschenJoe11 says:

      Funniest thing. I worked at a grocery store with a specification in food….
      I was putting sugar palettes (like full wooden palettes, because people always buy sugar in bulk) and checked the producer of the knock off brand….

      It was THE SAME producer as the actual branded product…. just that they left their name off of the package.

    • Christian Autajay says:

      It’s mostly about “status” and/or “wealth”; if I wanted fried chicken, I could just order one in my local fast food chain, but if I wanted to show people I can afford expensive things or feel like a king(mostly because of this), I go to McDonald’s.

      There is a perk in eating rich; food tastes better; higher quality, more flavors, etc.

  3. Sebastian Lugo says:

    For the first example with vitamins, that actually applies to all medications! Legally, at least in America, the generic brand and name brand medications must have the same active ingredients in the same amounts. There can be minor varieties in additives, which some people are sensitive to, but the active ingredients must be identical. And this isn’t just OTC drugs, this applies to the stuff you get with a prescription too! And as someone who works in a pharmacy, I can say we really do like when you get the generic since it’s cheaper for us to stock, and therefore we can keep more on hand so everybody can have some. Sometimes, a brand name is so expensive that my pharmacy just doesn’t stock them unless they’re specifically requested by the patient.

  4. Patrick Vickery says:

    An interesting thing I learned while truck-driving is that just about all generic canned goods are the same, like literally. The cans are shipped to a warehouse blank without a label and are then labeled for the store that they are getting shipped to and sent right back out.

    • Laura Brown says:

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    • Technically Unoriginal says:

      I apologise for the two bots under your comment.

    • darkangel21892 says:

      Dry foods are like that too

    • Rigby 🍕 says:

      @Racing Girl’s 😘🤤 bot

  5. KingChiggy says:

    Honestly I have been straying away from the name brands and more toward the store brand because its so much cheaper and money is already tight as it is. Even if I still joke about the “walmart brand” I am still paying $1.80 for a loaf of bread when other brands there are $4-5.

    • J Denton says:

      often making things from scratch is cheaper than even the generic ($0.85 for a loaf of homemade bread) and can be way healthier and can taste better because it is fresher.

      the only issue is not everyone has the time to make everything from scratch

  6. Ender Dragon says:

    “Theyyyyyyy’re acceptable!” was the funniest part of the video.

  7. kamen says:

    i still remember having a “hol-up” moment working at walmart’s stock room. started unpacking some crates of cereal, and noticing the generic and kelloggs brand ones all had the same product, batch and factory info on them. the literal only difference was the cardboard box.

  8. Ashmundai says:

    Generics got such a hard rep for being lower quality. I’m glad to see that we’re slowly doing away with it to align with taste and value.

    • Racing Girl's 😘🤤 says:

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  9. _Neon - Xeon_ says:

    I love how serious this episode, hardly any jokes, you know matpat is truly intrigued with this topic because he has so much to say that he didn’t pad the runtime with skits and jokes

    • kj Lim says:

      Its these episodes that are the best episodes. I wish Matpat prioritized quality over quantity theories.

    • Yaroslav Panych says:

      Are you joking? This one episode was one big joke. If anything, this episode proofs how dumb consumers are, and judging by all talking points, specifically consumers in USA. It is not how shops and brands work all over the rest of the world. For some reason it is only possible in USA.

    • Boop says:

      @Yaroslav Panych I kind of agree, to the extent that Americans are the epitome of “brand buying” a lot of them aren’t bothered to try new things and so just stick to brands so it’s a bit of a wake up call for them while people in different countries are just sitting there like “yo we’ve been doing that for years” idk tho

  10. Word Wonderland says:

    Hey Matt, what if you do a brand theory channel? I’ve heard of some chapstick and lotion companies creating products that make the skin dryer so that you have to keep using it repeatedly and buying more product

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