Foods You Thought Were Healthy But Actually Aren’t

Foods You Thought Were Healthy But Actually Aren’t

ALWAYS check the labels!

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Grocery Food Shopping Time Lapse Shop Cart through Supermarket 4K
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CU Rear view of woman’s feet on bathroom scale, Scarborough, New York, USA
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Oats cooking in a pot of boiling water.
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CU Potato chips falling off conveyor belt
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Fresh fruit and champagne flies out of blender (slow motion)
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Baby girl eating her porridge
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Food service employee pours granola into cups
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Eating junk food
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Preparing instant oatmeal, pouring water and stirring by spoon
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20 Responses

  1. ThisUserName15Taken says:

    blueberries are bad for you as they have calories in them

  2. Budge says:

    And you’re trying to say carbs are bad?

  3. Kai Naito says:

    Why should I listen to a video that says fruit sugar is bad for you??

  4. sarahdangerrr says:

    Builder bars are one of the better choices. It has a low GI and is made up
    of natural ingredients. And no animal products!!

  5. mikey bustos says:

    I feel like eating a pizza now!

  6. Makimi says:

    My mom has only ever given me the original oatmeal never the microwaveable
    ones for all my life (so far ;).

  7. TheFODM says:

    sodium is a quarter of a kilo… are you sure you didn’t mean 0.23

  8. Jawj Martian says:

    Turns out chocolate is actually really bad for you

  9. San Zain says:

    Some more foods u mean?

  10. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    BUT THEY’RE SOOO DAMN GOOD!!! Dammit, this world is full of lies

  11. LawriLuvsLemonade says:

    Whatever. I’m still eating Veggie Straws.

  12. Sofia Unicorn says:

    You missed meat

  13. Hannah Boyer says:

    Wait. People didn’t already know these. . . ??

  14. 2ya says:

    what is this sugar they talk about

  15. JncGwen says:

    there are more factors that play into certain things. an example is i can
    blend up a ton of fruit and vegetable juice, but just saying that it is bad
    for you because it may have a lot of sugar is not telling you the whole

  16. ミルスローラ says:

    Anything prepacked is unhealthy for you it seems. Get bland items and
    season to taste at home I guess. And make things from scratch…

  17. G'anquil Lee says:

    A salad is still healthier than a big mac

  18. MoppyPuppy says:

    *Calories and carbs are not bad for you.*
    Yes watch your intake but 210 calories do not merit a blood curdling scream
    you *psychopaths*.

  19. RedLightGamers says:

    Cliff bars are meant intensive activities like hiking, where your body
    needs the extra carbs and you don’t have the luxury of cooking your own
    meals on the go

  20. AnimalAce says:

    Just because something has calories….doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy!!!