Fooling my Friend with the LOUDEST SOUND in Minecraft

Fooling my Friend with the LOUDEST SOUND in Minecraft

Fooling my Friend with the LOUDEST SOUND in Minecraft w/ Doni Bobes – Minecraft

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35 Responses

  1. Doni Bobes says:


  2. Boko says:

    Liger is so insane that even Doni is questioning his sanity. 😂

  3. SharpShooter239 says:

    i love how doni is just vibin while the chaos and hilarious phrases and jokes happen behind him. Like hes so clueless and funny;) love this stuff

  4. DiversePolar says:

    All 3 of the contestants claiming they were dumb when Doni said “Dumb, dumber and even dumber” just made my day.

  5. r0cky4u says:

    I’m surprised doni still has permission to call them ‘friends’ in his videos. 💀

  6. L I N K says:

    Liger is officially insane after all the Doni prank videos

  7. Suheyl Omer says:

    Doni’s jokes are actually funny in the comedy section

  8. FlamingGaming 143 says:

    It’s actually really wholesome seeing bionic, Liger and Rage laugh together😂😂

  9. MrCrowsie - Minecraft says:

    26:33 most of the time I’ve been laughing hard at the reactions to the jokes more than the actual jokes being said. Man this so funny. Liger is insane for what he said about his pet, like who just wants to casually murder their pet, like what is going on his head?! The quiet silence from everyone hearing him say what he said about pet murder is so funny but so awkward cuz everyone’s face is just frozen in confusion and thoughts of Liger being weird and acting like madman that is crazy!

  10. YouTube says:

    this looks like chaos and im here for it 😂🧱

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