Foolio – JWET (Official Music Video)

Foolio – JWET (Official Music Video)

Foolio – JWET

New Project “Love Me Like I’m Dead (Last Call)” Out Everywhere:…

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Directed by @dir.ever
Produced by One Titan Films

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31 Responses

  1. Glocktavious says:

    Keep grinding Foolio you got the talent *stay away from the street bullshi*

  2. Jason Eyetan says:

    I hope we don’t lose him, bruh is so goated


      @_x_x i dont care who it is. Yall youngins couldn’t even jump a fence in that outfit. So your guna tell me that outfit dont look a little fruity. Lol. If you say no your lying to yourself or just idolize rappers. Lol but yea that outfit made me wonder how he be moving around in that isshh.

    • _x_x says:

      @RETROSPECATIVE bro you down bad…. tf it matter what other people wear? Worry bout yo own wardrobe. You seem gay asl talking about niccas outfits.. 🤡


      @_x_x lol im concerned. Just found it funny thinking about how he even breathes cuz its tight. Can u at least agree wit me that its tight. And its not hate just saying the obvious. Everybody mad sensitive nowadays. Laugh a little its a jk. God bless. And do me a favor tell ur boy nle to not wear that outfit again

    • Yer Moms Babydaddy says:

      Not true. Y’all throw that around far too loosely. He ight. But he nowhere near a goat

    • Yer Moms Babydaddy says:

      Not only that, he prolly will get smoked or locked up. All these rappers be asking for smoke constantly. Then niggas act surprised when they get it.

  3. KingMyPrince Enon lyfe says:

    His videos getting better and better big ups foolio keep doing your thang May god be with you….

  4. Crushroadmusic says:

    Foolio keep up the good work🔥💪🏿🙏🏿

  5. PKAR says:

    So consistent 🔥🔥🖤

  6. VAULT says:

    Foolio been grindin 🔥

  7. Prex says:

    Foolio stay on his grind and he dont miss no cap.

  8. Gerki 666 says:

    Foolio finally getting the better and better with any track!!

  9. N97B says:

    He really finding himself with the music now. He’s always been fire but he’s definitely getting better this year

  10. MenaceYB Plays says:

    The way he switched his flow 🥶🥶

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