Footage From Sullivan’s Island, SC and Southport, NC As Hurricane Florence Approaches | LIVE | TIME

Footage From Sullivan’s Island, SC and Southport, NC As Hurricane Florence Approaches | LIVE | TIME

Footage from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Sullivan’s Island as Hurricane Florence approaches the east coast. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center warn that Florence remains deadly.

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Footage From Myrtle Beach, SC and Sullivan’s Island As Hurricane Florence Approaches | LIVE | TIME

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41 Responses

  1. iseewhatyoudidthere says:

    watch for the chair

  2. Cherish Ireland says:

    All the people on the beach better get to stepping.

  3. Shawn Williams says:

    I’ve already watched the whole 4 hours…

  4. Robin Torres says:


  5. Thomas Kelly says:

    Hurricane “kiss my grits”!

  6. Gladys Mohr says:

    Mother nature is not to play with.

  7. Amor Antasia says:

    It bothers me so much that people are out there chilling 😱🙊🙈

    • Minus ZeRo Degrees says:

      +Demeris Bailey Just straight stupid. Idc what anyone says that’s dumb to be out by that shit.

    • Kyungmin _666 says:

      +Amor Antasia I’vе spent *6 d𝖺ys, 10 h𝞸urs and 33 m𝔦nut𝐞s* ᴏn Y0uTub𝗲 sinc𝗲 23.6.2018! Ch𝗲ck yOur stats:

    • Aaron Attias says:

      White people frl frl

    • Steven says:

      +Jennifer Russell no it’s not a scare tactic lol, of course you shouldn’t spend too much, be greedy, and you should help eachother etc etc. But it definitely isn’t a scare tactic. Hurricanes has done millions of dollars in damage over and over. There is a reason the government spends money to help evacuate and rescue people. There is a reason hospitals shut down and move SICK patients to a new location that is safer. There is a reason all of this is happening. Just because you or everyone you’ve known has been barely affected doesn’t mean the hurricane isn’t dangerous or destructive. Of course these people are safe for now, but they really should seek a safe location soon, the coast has been evacuated for a reason, if this hurricane pulls any casualties, it’s going to be these type of people. Why risk your life. Stay safe everyone.

  8. my-dixie wrecked says:

    These ppl on beach gansta af

  9. Regina Love says:

    Why people taking mother nature a joke

  10. ʟᴘs ʜᴏᴘᴇ says:

    Those are some dumb people. Not trying to be rude but there is a hurricane coming and they are just watching the waves, talking, and having fun. WHAT ARE YOU DOING !? RUN!!

  11. Carri's 3RingCircus says:

    They’re all having a fun day at the beach

  12. Super Dee_nice says:

    Why are they risking their lives to stay I don’t get it

  13. ClippersBoy12 PS4 says:

    I like how they are just sitting there like *”Oh theres a hurricane?”*

  14. rRobert Smith says:

    Darwin awards for future generations of “ignore the hurricane warning” beach combers.

  15. Jediah Matthew says:

    What’s Florence ETA?

  16. Bizbabo says:

    That’s what we humans do. We temp faith. But I’m sure they will hightail out of there soon.

  17. Karen Cottrell says:

    it was 5 hours ago….if they are still out there then thats bad. and its s carolina. not N. Carolina…

  18. Greg Robinson says:

    Great beach day

  19. Fuji Hakayito says:

    It’s not THAT the wind is blowing, it’s WHAT the wind is blowing. It doesn’t matter how many push ups you did that morning, if you get hit with a Volvo.

  20. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    All the people on the beach better get to stepping.

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