Footage shows shocking tiger attack in Beijing’s wildlife park

Footage shows shocking tiger attack in Beijing’s wildlife park

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(Viewer discretion advised: some may find this footage disturbing)
One woman was killed and another injured after a pair of tigers pounced on them at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon.

The tigers attacked one of the women when she left her vehicle and walked a few meters away from the car. The surveillance video footage shows the woman being dragged by the tiger, which prompted the second woman to rush for help.However, she didn’t survive the attack.

While the park allows visitors to drive their own cars in a safari-style tour, they are prohibited to get out as the animals roam freely through the park. But the first woman got out of the car after an alleged argument, putting her life at risk, according to several media reports.

The park has been closed for the time being. But the weekend attack wasn’t the first. In August 2014, a security guard was killed in a tiger attack at the same park.

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20 Responses

  1. กลอนธรรมะ อวิชฺชาภิกขุ says:

    There are rules ” Do not leave the car “.
    Stupid violators.

  2. Жека Дмитриев says:


  3. NorMaLLs says:

    Кто взаимную подписку

  4. Jaime B says:

    That was not a smart thing to do…. obviously…. hey kids don’t get out
    of the car at a tiger park…duh… sorry but what a dumb move…

  5. fryair4free says:

    Одной ёбнутой пиздой, стало меньше.

  6. jon jhon says:

    No wonder why the Tiger went after that first woman.
    She was thick as hell with a booty on her. Yum, Yum.

  7. danielklee92 says:

    Don’t open the door!

  8. assistantto007 says:

    Maybe the tiger just fancied a Chinese takeaway?
    or wanted retribution?

  9. funnyguyhahahaha says:

    The tiger fancied a chinese take out!

  10. Dante Reid says:

    0:21 is that a legendary

  11. sniper2606 says:

    She must be dead right?

  12. Cho0segoose says:

    dam i was thinking this was another preview for the walking dead! damn

  13. Guyan _dj says:


  14. David Deitering says:

    More Chlorine for the Gene Pool..

  15. Champagne Papi says:


  16. feraligatr says:

    nothing to see here folks…just natural selection in work.

  17. blueblade455 says:

    Humans have already taken these wild animals away from their natural homes
    and yet they try to recreate their environment for their own viewing
    pleasure. It’s just dumb and a liability to trust the public to enter a
    wildlife park without at least a professionally trained, licensed and armed
    tour guides driving shielded vehicles. Exotic and predatory animals such as
    these should never be punished for what they do instinctively.

  18. Stephanie Lee says:

    very sad! But WHY get out of the car!!

  19. Rurouni Kenshin says:

    Honestly i want to be sorry for the lady but i feel like the dumb bitch
    deserved it.

    Why in the fuck would you ever consider switching seats in a tiger arena?
    Are you out of your god damn mind? I’d slap that dumb bitch right after
    they saved her ass from the attack. I wouldn’t but i’d be tempted to slap
    that retard.

  20. J.S J.S says:

    Tiger snatched her bald