Football World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

Football World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

Time to break some football recs! (records)
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Comment “Football and Helicopters, a day well spent.”

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20 Responses

  1. Robin Mackay says:

    Who likes before watching?
    From a smaller youtuber!
    Trying to reach 15k amazing subscribers??

  2. Jayden With Random says:

    Who is here before this is viral

  3. Brian Doan says:

    Who else is happy about the outcome of the SuperBowl?

  4. FyreFlamer says:

    the guy giving them world records got a record:
    most records giving in 1 day

  5. Predator Potatoozzz says:

    Do you have a room just full of these plaques? Honestly you have too
    many… Lol

  6. Con R. says:

    Don’t they get kinda tired of screaming every time

  7. Rck Flx says:

    Do a Dude not so perfect
    With all the blooper
    Like if u agree

  8. raymond907 says:

    How many footballs did you guys need to buy for this?

  9. Oliver Brain says:

    That new guys panda!!!!!!!!

  10. Devin Kim says:

    Nfl players could easily break these records

  11. Dimitriy Mirovsky says:

    Ehhh… typical American EGGBALL… nothing to impress…

  12. Sahil Mambilly says:

    These guys have one , if not the best edited videos on YouTube… I mean by

  13. FreeKick Funnies says:

    Hmm, I’ve never seen this rugby pitch. Also, why are they wearing a helmet,
    you don’t do that in rugby.

  14. huli osz says:

    this isnt football. its eggball

  15. x.flix.xx says:

    Worldrecord for the most broken Worldreords in one day xD

  16. Aravindhan Tulsi says:

    Hi Random Person reading this comment..
    Have a good day!

  17. VECTOR says:

    wow clickbait. i dont see any football

  18. ❤Riza Hawkeye says:

    People hate Dude Perfect because their jealous they don’t have the gift and
    skill they have.
    Look at the vid, the time of day has changed, so that means they were
    trying to do this all day. They summed up the whole day into 9 min!
    And their nice enough to advertise the less popular brands.
    Anything is possible if you try hard enough, then you’ll get used to it.
    Look at them, they have been to this for years now, and its only trick
    shots. Not the worlds best gamer or swimmer etc.

  19. HerrBlauzahn says:

    Is there a World Record for the most World Records?

  20. Mert RAMG says:

    The title says football but they’re playing handegg

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