For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT

For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT

Why don’t these dumb things die?

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20 Responses

  1. Phil H says:

    Honestly, I think most of the people saying this don’t actually believe it.
    They’re just trying to be edgy.

  2. James wright says:

    no your theory is floored !!!!!!

  3. Sleepwalk No More says:

    Not to scale…

  4. Joshua Maine says:

    …that’s great. What about building 7? And “get a job”? You’re a fucking
    blacksmith! Got a lot of sword and shield orders to fill for your majesty?
    Oh wait… no… we have these things called “machines” that do your work
    for a fraction of the time and cost. So, sir…perhaps it’s you who needs a

  5. LordStickMax says:

    omg, im holding on to this one. great video. thank you!

  6. adam nelson says:

    couple of things here, your furnace was 300 degrees hotter than the temp of
    burning jet fuel so theres that little thing. Also, it didnt melt at that
    temp. so thus we can say, Jet fuel cant melt steel beams!!. It can weaken
    them and make more willing to bend but not melt. Oh and also, If 1500
    degrees can penetrate 100 floors of concrete encased rebar without setting
    all the floors on fire and scare building 7 to crumble just by shear
    intimidation of this guy bending 1/2 inch steel I guess he has a valid

  7. GreatestAlive29 says:

    While he’s obviously right, he just said he put it in something that’s 300
    degrees hotter than jet fuel??? So how does that prove anything???

  8. Joshua Walters says:

    “find a job” haha I love it.

  9. 79Sarwar says:

    The fact you have over a MILLION views in ONE DAY with a 90% like means you
    are a planted shill who works for the CIA! Some zionist, somewhere is
    pushing this video out to the masses!! No way this’ll get over a million
    viewsd in a day!!
    So the question now is…What experiment have the CIA got next for you to
    show us?

  10. DHKeltischWerWolf says:

    As a 9-11 Veteran First responder!!!! Thank you for making this I am also a
    retired Volunteer Fire Figter from NY as well. I as a man of science and
    knowledge, I have been saying this for 13 years. You sir are a BadAss!!!
    Hooah Rock on…

  11. 79Sarwar says:

    Why did you melt the bottom of the steel when in reality, the plane hit the
    The steel you are using is like a strand of hair compared to the steel at
    Where is the thermate from your experiment??

  12. christian bedard says:

    you changed the steel and the first one you dropped on the floor didn’t
    sound like the second one you threw on the floor before telling me I needed
    to get a job -_-

  13. SFO14 says:

    The shills are making commercials and advertising their myths now.

    “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth” — Albert

  14. I Scream You Scream says:

    and what were those explosions people were hearing from the basement of the

  15. Yuki says:

    It’s a meme you dip.

  16. Shagon91 says:

    >find a job

    good goy

  17. Mud Yuppy says:

    the fuel was burnt off in seconds not prolonged in a furnace 300 degrees
    hotter.. ?

  18. Karvakolmio says:

    This don’t proof enything accept if the metal are burning hot red color it
    bend.And you know that you have keep fire on over 4-6min so it reach the
    point it will bend.the buildings arent kept in oven.

  19. Isac “BuzzKilla” Ferreira says:

    “get over it, find a job”


  20. scholar_warrior says:

    I am by no means an expert, or a “conspiracy theorist”, but what about TONS
    of steel UNDERNEATH the top floors that supported it all? What about a
    structure that was MADE specifically to withstand an airplane that large
    crashing into it? What about the free fall speed that defies architectural
    logic or the laws of physics (Newton’s 3rd law, if I’m not mistaken)? And
    also, what about the 3rd building (considering that NO other steel
    reinforced building in history has ever collapsed due to fire)? Again, I’m
    no expert, I don’t read into conspiracy theorist propaganda, but at the
    same time, I don’t necessarily openly swallow what the government puts out.
    BUT, when hundreds of structural engineers, architects, physicists,
    demolition experts and even first responders, firefighters, etc.. get
    together and ALL agree that the “official” explanation is inaccurate, I at
    the very least have to give THAT GROUP the benefit of the doubt and agree
    that it MUST all be re-investigated by 3rd parties. IMHO…