Forage Bouncy Eggs hidden around the island Location – Fortnite

Forage Bouncy Eggs hidden around the island Location – Fortnite

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40 Responses

  1. Orange Crewmate says:

    damn this came out quick

  2. Gamerboy 13 says:

    Can we just appreciate how inthelittlewood is always helping us with challenges

  3. SilverTheEnby says:

    I’m pretty sure stealthy stronghold has some eggs around the outside which are 100% spawn rate

  4. LamboFlare says:

    100% egg spawn location at the end of the little raised hill (opposite the truck/chests) to the NNW of Colossal Crops

  5. Raeburn Games says:

    My guy helped me with all the raz challenges you’re a legend lol

  6. Yashica Lane says:

    It’s unreal how much this guy helps me

  7. Gavin Dominic Doria says:

    can we just appreciate how fast martin makes these for us

  8. Dylan Dominguez says:

    We wouldn’t be tear 100 of it wasn’t for him

  9. TheGalacticWolf says:

    I found out another location for the eggs- the eggs are directly south of craggy cliffs, northwest of colossal crops, and they are right in the middle of both. The batch are right above a cliff, and are in the middle of 7 green trees on the cliff. Good luck!

  10. REE ON TOP says:

    5 people landed there to do the challenge and we all danced😂

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