Forced Arbitration | January 31, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Forced Arbitration | January 31, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

“Why didn’t women come out sooner against sexual harassers?” Well, because of questions like that, plus fear, shame, and a very dumb corporate mandate. Sam talks to Gretchen Carlson about forced arbitration.

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63 Responses

  1. Dallin McRae says:

    2nd! BWAAHAHAHAHA I hate trump

  2. Dark Days says:

    Down with Orange Joffrey!

  3. Anthony Marquez says:

    Forced arbitration is a problem for every American and it silences the common person’s ability to do something.

    • Anthony Marquez says:


    • кคקק๏гtєг says:

      Absolutely agree. It is a legal loophole that needs to be closed.

    • neeneko says:

      I am always amazed it is legal. There are all sorts of contracts out there that are not enforceable because they conflict with legal protections, mandatory arbitration really should fall under this category.

      I also can not help but think of all those sovcits that ended up in jail for ‘simulation of a legal process’, and wondering why these companies are not. Oh, lots of money.

    • Julian Sanchez Harris says:

      Forced arbitration that doesnt contain secrets about the companys technical and economical work proceedeure, a.k.a. legit classified stuff, is nothing more than totally undemocratic. That is what dictators does in their countries, creating an “yes, sir”-mentality and makes the people/employees fear to tell what they think and if something has happened to them at work. It sickens me that this even has been allowed in a western country/”democratic” country…

  4. Akshay Anand says:

    Wait, aren’t forced arbitration clauses just like the EULAs in Software? Because you’re unable to negotiate a better position at all, it makes them invalid as contracts, at least in the EU I hear.

    • GorillaGuerilla says:

      USA isn’t the EU!
      We, in the EU, have legislators, from EU commision to local levels, who focus on such issues – in the US it’s different!
      It basically comes down to the differences in lobbyism!
      At EU level, a lobbyist can’t buy a vote with money – they have to make the best arguments to convince the politicians instead – in the US, lobbyists carry a big bag of money instead of arguments!

    • Tyiff Pejic says:

      Whoa, “a lobbyist can’t buy a vote with money – they have to make the best arguments to convince the politicians” how reasonable. The EU is so dreamy <3

    • Christopher Woodbury says:

      Exactly. You can’t pay a politician to vote a certain way that’s bribery.

      You can however give them money through 3rd party organizations and the like just because you like them and then if they ever don’t vote the way you want take that money away.

    • 666Tomato666 says:

      in US political bribes are legal, in EU they aren’t, that’s enough to make a difference

  5. Guy Curwick says:

    I totally agree about women making a big difference. I saw the great turnout all over the U.S. for the women’s march. I marched myself. Please ladies save us. Love your show.

  6. JennyD says:

    It has a beard and the crocs, too. lol.

  7. MagnuMagnus says:

    I do wonder how many women have been guilty of harassment/assault.
    Probably not as many as men, but also more than we probably think.

  8. hotdrippyglass says:

    If only I had a twitter account .

  9. Jean Roch says:

    Interesting how Gretchen now sounds reasonable… I wonder if it has to do with not being in front of Fox News cameras…

    • borot man says:

      Jean Roch
      Do it if you can find a way to get payed for your troubles. It’s almost too bad that news organisations won’t hire amateurs. I say almost, because those pesky qualifications at least keep away pretend know-it-alls like the President… Yup, presidency has a lower standard for entry than most professional fields in existence.

    • Jean Roch says:

      borot man I couldn’t do it for other people, especially not for money : the whole problem *is* the money in news. Even if I was totally legit and unbiased (which is impossible for any human) how could other people know for sure ?

    • Ralph Dratman says:

      (Imagining how much money it would take to get me to do that… But of course those people were already used to acting like a fool, because they are fools, 24 hours / day/.

    • Mustbe Aweful says:

      There is pressure to appeal to the status quo of anywhere you work.

  10. Daniel King says:

    I read “forced abortion” as I clicked this video lol

  11. morhboct3 says:

    Lets see if Trump signs that bill into law

  12. LAYZY says:

    I got an NRA ad on this video. DEAR GOD THEY’RE COMING FOR OUR FEMINISM!

  13. Syfer Polski says:

    Forced arbitration should be illegal. Period, in all areas. It weakens the judicial branch

    • CardsNHorns04 says:

      Yes. That’s my biggest concern with this bill. Nearly every type of discrimination and employee dispute (i.e. wrongful termination) goes to arbitration. An average person will never use the arbitrator again but that company will use arbitration again. Right now, companies get to have a say in the arbitrator.

      Arbitration should be used to deal with big players in contractual disputes that are time-sensitive. Not for every single employee grievance! This bill, while a great start, does nothing to help those other situations I mentioned above.

  14. A Different Video of a Banana Every Goddamn Day says:

    Sam has important coverage

  15. Billy Trespassers says:

    I definitely wasn’t a fan of Gretchen Carlson, but this is exactly how we can start mending this country: by recognizing together how we’re all disadvantaged and preyed upon by various entities. I commend you, miss Carlson, for striving to fix a problem by exposing the machinations that made this problem rather than exacerbate blame and argue unconstructively. Keep it real, Sam Bee – you’re the best! ??

  16. Unapologetically Sassy says:


    • Medication102 says:

      Dragoonman92 yes it should

    • Dank Dragon says:

      They say they want equality, but really want to be on top.

    • Unapologetically Sassy says:

      Okay because now I have to explain myself I am for equality and equal representation. Women make up 51% of the population so it would be nice to see more women running for office and actually being elected, more female directors, producers, writers, CEOs, CFOs, management positions, and so forth. There’s more women with bachelors degrees than men so this shouldn’t even be an issue. The future is female is meant to mean equality through equal representation and opportunity.

    • Willy Wonka says:

      women aren’t as good as men at a lot of important things

  17. Grassy Gnoll says:

    Hold on, employees banding together to raise issues with their employers? Forming a union? I may be wrong but don’t some contracts have clauses against that in them?

  18. Iulian Ursache says:

    HR is the company’s first line of defense against employees.

  19. Ezmerelda Jones says:

    Anita Hill is an American hero

  20. magister343 says:

    I’m thinking we should just ban non-disclosure agreements entirely.

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