Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!

Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!

Exclusive hands-on with the electric F150 Lightning pickup truck that Ford just unveiled! This or Cybertruck?

Cybertruck First Impressions:

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35 Responses

  1. Mark Spurrell says:

    I love that this truck exists. I’m not a truck guy, but Ford making an electric F-150 is going to draw a lot more people into the EV world, and I’m here for it.

    • bighand69 says:

      Not a real truck without a V8. Just a lawnmower.

    • Jose Trujillo says:

      @bighand69 hahahaha. Hey, i have a 5.0 f150 V8. Love the sound of it. But I would love to buy the electric version. We just have to put some speakers to make the rrrrrr sound when we press that pedal.

    • Cajun Viking says:

      No it isn’t.

    • Jas Bataille says:

      I’m the type of guy who’s practical enough to want a 4×4 not for the statement, just because it’s SO god damn handy, but I would not buy a modern one, even a diesel version, for environmental issues and gas prices. This is the only new vehicle I actually want currently on the market.

    • Eric Sorensen says:

      Thank you, Mr. Verified Account guy!

  2. Tech By Matt says:

    An electric truck makes a ton of sense. Most people aren’t taking them very long range, the extra torque is great for towing, and having access to the battery bank for running tools is a game changer.

    • matt stojkov says:

      @fidstang You other two comments may have been about battery capacity, but you didn’t say in northern states that get cold. You said states that get snow, which is longer an argument about capacity because snow has literally no impact on batteries. You may have mispoke and meant cold, but its not what you said

    • matt stojkov says:

      @fidstang Either way, both of our arguments are irrelevant because people that see a personal benefit (which will be a lot) will buy them, and those that don’t see a personal benefit (which will be a lot) won’t buy them

    • Brice Sechrist says:

      @fidstang In Texas where I am from people constantly use their trucks for long road trips. They have lots of space, for cargo and people. As well as some of the new f150’s have 6-700 miles on one tank, allowing for long distances between stopping.

      Why would you not see them on road snowy roads in the north? Its all I see in the snow down in Texas. 4×4 as well as ground clearance account for that I think.

    • FOCO AZ O says:

      Old gas pumps can top a truck off to 100% in 2 mins.

    • Paul Williams says:

      You have no idea what your talking about many people drive their pick ups long range . Although your right the extra torque will be awesome

  3. Jeff Whetstone says:

    For those who tow longer distances such as when towing a travel trailer this truck has its limitations and reservations. It’s a great truck otherwise, but that was the determiner for why I went with the hybrid option on the 2021 F-150.

  4. Imprez says:

    It gives me a weird feeling of comfort that even someone like Marques has wrinkled shirts laying in his room but that’s all he had/wanted to wear that day. Everybody hates laundry 😂

  5. Kevin Lemoi says:

    I have watched several of these reviews from all kinds of different people, this one, by far, is the best I have seen yet. Outstanding 🙂

  6. Heath Wirt says:

    The front trunk on this Lightning has more electrical outlets than my first apartment.

  7. charles gray says:

    Is wrinkly shirt is killing me 😅 amazing review my guy

  8. Franz Monillas says:

    Next video: “i’ve been wearing this shirt for a week now and here’s my review.”

  9. Earth Titan says:

    I totally thought you were going to say that front truck is big enough to fit a body in there… 😅

  10. Tyler Stalman says:

    I have NEVER Considered owning a pick up truck, until I watched this video

    • Julio Manzo says:

      Could you image plugging lights INTO YOUR TRUCK to light a night scene??

    • Robert Leidner says:

      Same! I’m actually in the market for a RAV4 and with government rebates this is a better and cheaper option. I’ll just have to wait is all.

    • ProductOfTech says:

      Remember you can get the truck half off if you use a tax trick or something like that.

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