Former College Roommates Attempt To Play College Drinking Games [LABS] l Elite Daily

Former College Roommates Attempt To Play College Drinking Games [LABS] l Elite Daily

Drinking gets harder and hangovers get worse as you get older. It’s scientific, probably.

I don’t even need to fact-check that; I’ve lived it.

But just in case you don’t believe me, we got former college roommates together and got them back in “college party” mindsets with cheap beer, party games and bad music.

See these sad, working-world postgrads try to keep up with their younger selves… and fail miserably.

I guess there’s a reason you don’t see beer bongs at happy hour.

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Doug Soliwoda
Ian Holubiak
Katie Lawson
Rachel Joyce
Jay Malsky
Tommy Dose
Elyse Lewis
Elizabeth Conway
Elissa DeMaria
Jessie Ruane
Rudy De La Cruz
Brenden McGrady
Andrew Hsu
Andy Meng
Timothy Jebb
Jacob Lie

Junior Producer: Rebecca Hovel
Camera Operators: Nick Massey and Colin Hingel
Editor: Colin Hingel
Sound Mixer: Skyler Fulton
Senior Producer: David Potvin
Production Assistants: Sammy Dane, Isabella Roman, Zach Frenchman

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music
“Wants and Needs”
Written by Raphael Lake and Aaron Levy

“La Pomme De L’Amore”
Written by Jim Blake

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