Former Thai navy SEAL diver dies in Thai cave

Former Thai navy SEAL diver dies in Thai cave

A former Thai navy diver who joined the operation to rescue 12 boys and their coach from a cave in northern Thailand has died, according to a Thai Navy source.

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  1. Joshua Pierre says:

    So if an expert died, how do you expect little boys with no experience to do the same??

    • The Dudelino says:

      They have US Navy Seals as support teams on side and it’s very likely that Thai Navy Seals are trained as hard as our own guys. So this Navy Diver very likely was experienced. If they don’t have the right equipment though, you are right – we should supply them. It wouldn’t be too big of a deal to fly in equipment from a US ship.

    • Ben says:

      The Dudelino the Thai navy is not trained near as good as our own.. First and foremost they don’t put near as much training in. Second they don’t put near as much money in. Third their technology is not as good.. It took TWO extremely experienced divers over 90 minutes to dive to these kids.. There is no light, there is no map, or references.. This is a dangerous dive many people die exploring caves it is not easy.. There are reasons you have to have so many hours in diving to be allowed to dive certain places. Us navy seals on the combat dive team have said this is a dangerous dive. They have also concluded that 11 year old kids, some of which can’t swim, will die if they try to have them dive out.

    • Chuck P says:

      The Dudelino with all due respect, Navy divers are not cave divers. It’s difficult to explain via the Internet, but cave diving requires specialized training, gear, and mindset. It takes years to cultivate and perform this type of dive safely. This dive isn’t your run-of-the-mill cave dive. This dive is a zero visibility sump dive with multiple restrictions.

      The gear and training would not be available through the military. His diving experience might not be particularly relevant in a cave. It’s an entirely different animal.

      They appear to be working against the clock.
      This leads me to believe that they’re accepting a level of risk that would not normally be acceptable.

      My question is why they are not flying in qualified divers?

    • The Dudelino says:

      I believe they’ve flown in multiple British cave divers – they were the first who reached the boys.
      But you are right, maybe the US could assist in flying in very experienced American cave divers.

      I could imagine this is probably difficult because The White House or Pentagon can easily order NAVY Seals to assist but they probably don’t have cave divers within the military, police or coastguard.

    • The Dudelino says:

      Which means we should fly in more experienced British and American cave divers to help.
      I am also very worried such a small kid could very easily freak out when feeling trapped under
      water, tough to get under control and out safely by our own guys.

  2. Warren Swabb says:

    Don’t tell the kids!

  3. Carl Sims says:

    Please Lord help them find a way out!! Millions are Praying!! 😇 😇 🙏 🙏

  4. Anne Jackson says:

    A true hero ♡ so sad.

  5. NACHOS RULE says:


    • Mookaron says:

      NACHOS RULE I’ll leave caves to Batman! That’s not an option for me! 👈 💯

    • milmillionaire says:

      NACHOS RULE This cave is one of a tourist attraction. They went in there for a regular field trip and birthday party. Who knows when will natural disasters come?

    • MegaRoFLL says:

      coz they are morons, thats why…who goes into a cave system when raining but idiots…?
      now more ppl will die while trying to resque them
      everyone of this boys should be jailed for murder imo, if they get out alive

    • ThatGirlJD says:

      MegaRoFLL the boys are young, the adult coach is the responsible party. They trusted the grown up as they were taught to do. He is responsible for any harmful that comes of this. I doubt he had any mal intent, it was just a really bad idea. Right now focus needs to be on removing them alive with no other death or injury.

    • Michelle Campbell says:

      indy tur I don’t think there is a camera crew, the divers probably wear body cameras.

  6. Victor Von Deathstroke says:

    How did the boys get to that part of the cave?🤔🤔🤔

    • Gaming with Ranin SS says:

      Victor Von Deathstroke they were trying to get away from the water

    • Shemi Rama says:

      Wake Now
      Honestly mate – that was a stupid question so I feel his frustration … I mean if u haven’t been living under a rock recently – u know how small technology is getting especially cameras – hell how do u think they c inside some1’s stomach b4 surgery n besides xrays — clue Anderson Cooper may look like an alien but trust me he cant shape shift

    • Mud Sh-sh-shark says:

      u mad bro? lol p

    • ouloveme says:

      These kids had been there many times. The different is this time is sudden flooding blocked the way out force them to go deep in for a safe place which they already know where.

    • James C. says:

      Having fun when the water was still down.

  7. Susie Que says:

    A diver running out of air is like a pilot running out of fuel. Major screw-up somewhere.

  8. MMO says:

    R.I.P. – A brave man, tragic.

  9. kalbs89 says:

    A brave man who gave his life in service of his country. His nation is proud

  10. bambarby says:

    If a former SEAL died, no way in hell those kids are gonna cave diving out. Raining season goes all the way till November, how the hell are they gonna come out till then. This is nuts.

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      Seems like the only solution is to have them wait 4 months for the water to recede. And that course is still full of potential and real dangerous obstacles. :-/

    • Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN says:

      bambarby Ok? You literally repeating everything they said. Either you come up with solutions or hush.

    • Larry Wheels says:

      They may have to survive till end of rainy season. Food, oxygen. Communication. And prayers. I hope My country can step up with resources. I hear Elan Musk Tesla is going to help.

    • S.O.S. Fascism in Spain says:

      Build soviet cotton industry with acces to water from cave aquifer

  11. Robb K says:

    Bless him…bless them all. Its scary. 💔

  12. Waylon Jones says:

    What a waste

  13. sexy korean girl says:

    send trump in

    • DrumWild says:

      Hot air and rapid platitudes will not rectify this situation.

    • Albert Jackson says:

      An american navy seal wouldnt have died.

    • dj1200 says:

      The only time Trump allows his toupee to get wet is when prostitutes are pissing on him, so don’t count on that coward unless they tell him that he’s rescuing hookers from the cave.

    • Shemi Rama says:

      Y is every1’s panties all in a twist – he does say he’s the best at anything n everything …. Geeez let’s b magnanimous n let the whole world win bc were really sick n tired of winning from this racist, homophobic, uncouth, opportunistic, ill-educated, non-civil, LYING, instigative, moronic, cheating, rejected NY wannabe liberal, incestful, ugly orange fat fuck ass CAN DO to redeem himself n sacrifice for the sake of humanity n these children! FUKS sake the dead Thai seal’s life was worth a million times more than a loudmouth disgrace to the human race! Just sayin

    • FutureChaosTV says:

      sexy korean girl ..and all the other crooks in the administration. That disgusting kibler elf first.

  14. TB News says:

    this is so sad:(

  15. Bobby P says:

    We should tell the U.S the cave contains crude oil, they’ll get in there real quick

  16. Cyrus Asiimwe says:

    This is a true servant of the people. Died on duty. RESPECT🙏

  17. DD Lynn says:

    God Bless Them All!!

    • Nemo Hos says:

      DD Lynn hahaha if he did thry wouldnt be in that situation. in other words why not question your god instead of running to your god.

  18. Tsnore says:

    That stupid coach should be gelded!

    • Urairat Chuenchaem says:

      Little mistake??? A former navy seal died because he tried to help them. What is the big mistake for you?

    • goat9199 says:

      Martin C. Ahaha awesome idea. Whoever made that would probably be a billionaire.

    • ouloveme says:

      You are the one is stupid. He is the one who’s kept these kids alive.

    • Susan Fuller says:

      The caves are a place MANY go to visit & explore….First point to make, when the boys first went to the caves, it was NOT yet rainy monsoon season…..There was no expectation for the flash flood to occur. I BELIEVE (from my news channel…..I’m sure if you check now, there is even more detailed & correct information it), to celebrate one of the footballers’ birthday……, the team went to have a visit of the caves after football training or a football game (I cannot remember which). Once they were exploring the caves, there was very heavy, SUDDEN rain and then flash floods (outside and then inside the caves); &, the team found themselves SUDDENLY in danger (many of the footballers CANNOT swim), and forced to move further inwards (again….. and again) [as their situation went from bad…., to worse……, to extreme danger…..) to higher ground….until they ended up at the location they are at now. Many people who live in places like Texas (e.g. Houston, Corpus Christi), and in especially mountainous regions of the world, such as in parts of France, Switzerland and Italy, have seen similar types of flash floods, that have often occurred without warning, within minutes, after a HARD bout of extreme, sudden, UNEXPECTED, short in time, & intense rain (not talking about during a hurricane etc.). There are hiking trails in the USA, that have signs warning hikers NOT to walk in the middle, & to always walk on side edge of trails, in case of sudden flash floods (where a trail, usually an old dry river bed, COULD suddenly become flooded due to intense, sudden rain a great deal further up the mountain). We are thankful the coach accompanied the boys on their visit to the caves because his presence and quick decision making (we do not yet know IF), once the dangerous flooding began, MAY likely have prevented the children ending up in a worse situation than they are presently at now. Live long and prosper.

    • Antonio Brignoni says:

      Bobby Knight yes like it’s his fault that the cave was flash flooded

  19. Alan Gonzalez says:

    It’ incredibly frightening how many of my fellow Americans are upset by the use of SEAL when it regards other nations. You know our brave men assist and train those other SEALs right? Before you post take the time to read about the world, we aren’t the only nation on this blue marble. At least read up on our allies for goodness sake.

  20. REAl REAction says:

    CNN is fake news…. Id get correct information from somewhere else if I were you.

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