Forrest Galante’s Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

Forrest Galante’s Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante:

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98 Responses

  1. Mrbigfrog says:

    Joe ”i thought amazon was an online store” Rogan

  2. chefboyarleezy says:

    I get the vibe this dude smashed a few of the tribe women

  3. Indygoflow1 says:

    Joe needs to stop wearing his grandma’s pyjamas

  4. anonymous 23 says:

    Cute lavender blouse, Joe!

  5. Ricky Vo says:

    Joe looking like a big bald bottle of pepto.

  6. mike hunt says:

    I wonder what young jamie the physicist has to say about the amazon?

  7. Tobin Grimshaw says:

    This guy thinks Ringworm is actual worms lol did joe not catch that?

  8. RossKempOnYourMum01 says:

    This guy never noticed the feet because he was staring at the titties

  9. fate_f30 says:

    Joe “Lavender” Rogan

  10. Todd Templeton says:

    It’s a lilac blouse kind of day

  11. TheGranitePerson says:

    Joe that shirt is so gay even Shaub wouldn’t wear it.

    • Tanis Tramontin says:

      Short sleeve played for a couple days

    • Eryk Klein says:


    • LetsGoToMarsMan says:

      N Williams you have to be a woman to look at clothing? Ok dude go wear your Walmart unmatched outfit and get laughed at by women behind your back , bet you watch rick and morty

    • N Williams says:

      +LetsGoToMarsMan ?? I could care less about how clothes look on another mans body. I dont buy into that culture. Your definitely the guy who spends the entire day at the mall and only walks out with one 50 dollar item you spent your whole paycheck on, aren’t you? Clothes are the last thing people with money care about, that’s why we stay wealthy. You go on now and be an insecure, consumer puppet… or gay.. makes no difference to me. I love all people.

    • Mark Delgado says:

      +TheGranitePerson lol true. Defending joe like its his boyfriend. The fruitcake outed himself

  12. billiondollardan says:

    sooooooo inbreeding then????

  13. scott meyers says:

    Cannibal holocaust

  14. Alexander 23 says:

    This guy say I don’t know more than any other guest. He doesn’t remember shit.

  15. Just Dat Guy says:

    This guy sure didn’t pay much attention when with the tribe.

  16. LC. For says:

    Joe rogan is the smartest dumb guy I know.

  17. 6'6 Life says:

    I hate when I accidentally put on my wife’s blouse when getting ready for work. It’s the worst!

  18. Matt says:

    i have lived in an area with cougars my whole life. 30 years. Have only seen one once when it was running out of my yard as i pulled out my garage. I must of caught it off guard. If you see one its usually because it let you see it

    • Carlin Pendleton says:

      That’s for sure. They’re incredibly silent and they freeze when they see your face.. that put together with how they always stay in grass taller than them/stick very low to the ground would make them incredibly hard to see when you’re just nonchalantly walking to your car while looking at your phone. Also- they wouldn’t be interested in you. They tend to hunt much smaller game unless they’re in a good sized familial pack.

  19. Eddy Baller says:

    Natives warn them about danger from Jaguars, white guys, *”Sweet! Hope we see one!”* walks into darkness….

  20. Mma AlldDay says:

    Did this dude pay atttention to anything when he was there ? Lmao

    • Allen Teller says:

      He doesn’t know the answers to any of the simple everyday questions any average curious person would ask. But he says “literally” alot, so…. cool story bro…

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