Ok I guess that i’m a man with the powers of a spider, that’s just something that I do now. And ok? I guess that i have to fight aliens which were designed by the villian mysterio now that’s just something that I have to do ok. And i guess ok? I guess i have to play this game for playstation 5, that’s just a system that you play games on now ok. And I guess ok? I guess i have to yell Fore now when i’m playing golf, that’s just a thing that i say now ok. And ok, i guess that i talk to a magic bracelet now like ok now that’s just a ok thing i say to do now and i guess ok?

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32 Responses

  1. Tristan Sellers says:

    Still absolutely blown away by the meta aspect of Mysterio powering himself up with THREE boss health bars only to be taken out in one hit. Phenomenal.

  2. Matthew Berger says:

    This game was legitimately so good. The swinging and pizza delivery mechanics were revolutionary

  3. SMToon Entertainment says:

    Dunkey never fails to entertain. He makes every game he plays fun.

  4. Brian Elliott says:

    honestly an instant Dunkey classic

  5. Lievel says:

    Without a doubt, this is the best possible Forspoken walkthrough.

  6. welowrider32 says:

    Compressing the entire review into less than a second really shows how Dunkey has mastered the art of reviewing games and allows us to use the remaining time to take it all in and truly understand what he means.

  7. smudge says:

    Wow the graphics look a lot better than I expected, Forspoken devs really outdid themselves!

  8. Kyle Gantert says:

    God I loved this game growing up. I used to play this with my younger sister. She loved exploring the world and doing side missions. Whenever a boss fight came up she always let me take care of them. It was a real bonding moment for us.

  9. Hobz VHS says:

    Wow, all this time Forspoken was actually my favorite video game growing up! 😂 thank you dunkey for making my day

  10. Rached El-Moctar says:

    This was my favorite game as a child. Was always sad that Dunkey “slept” on it, but as usual he delivers.

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