Fort Minor – Welcome [360 Version] (Official Video)

Fort Minor – Welcome [360 Version] (Official Video)

Fort Minor – “Welcome” [360 Version]

This 360 Version requires Google Chrome or the YouTube App on Mobile.

Produced by The Uprising Creative (
Directed by Jeff Nicholas

It’s been nearly ten years since artist and producer Mike Shinoda – founder of Linkin Park – released “The Rising Tied,” the debut studio album from his solo project, Fort Minor. Inspired by his unforgettable experiences over the past decade and the artist within, Mike has just released a brand new Fort Minor song and video titled, “Welcome.” Among the world’s first 360-degree virtual reality (VR) music videos, Shinoda and his collaborators at The Uprising Creative in LA joined forces to fully leverage the power of VR. The result is a unique experience set in Venice Beach where everyone is invited.

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20 Responses

  1. I'm also a Potato says:

    This is sooo AWESOME!!!!!!! 

  2. David Alves says:

    Amiga, pare.

  3. 신유철 says:

    God Bless You Mr Shinoda.

  4. acs says:

    Thats pretty freaking cool.

  5. TheHouseOffice says:

    “I don’t *need* their invitation… and maybe I’ve been left out, but never
    let this be mistaken : they can keep their blessing now. Forget me now,
    ‘cuz I was never welcome.”

  6. Ricix99 says:

    Replay button destroyed, can comment only now…

  7. Carlos Ramirez says:


  8. Argelys Canela Mora says:

    se inspiro mike de nuevo increibleee waooooo welcome fort minor is back

  9. varunaX says:

    Yikes this song is bad. 

  10. David Alves says:

    Perfect video, perfect song. AMAZING!

  11. Carrie A Jarrett says:

    Welcome back Mike. We missed FM.

  12. Sunny Singh says:


  13. akihisa gunnar says:

    Omg I love fort minor especially linkin park and this music vide was just
    simply amazing the inspirational lyrics the movable camera view was just
    amazing and idk if anyone else saw this but the guitarist in linkin park
    was in the music this video as well

  14. Itchy Knee says:


  15. Gerrel Saunders says:

    You can also use the W,A,S,D Keys instead of the mouse. It’s a bit

  16. Edgar Torres Jr. says:


  17. Supakorn Soontararak says:


  18. Pheonix2022 says:

    Seems like a lot of people in the comments think the 360 thing is cool. To
    me its kinda just stupid and gimmicky. Unless I’m wearing an Oculus or some
    other VR device I have no desire to spend the entire video just pressing
    left and right for no reason. If i wanted a 360 degree view of people just
    hanging out doing random shit I’d step outside. I want to see a music
    video, something artistic thats been chosen to accompany and enhance the
    song. It doesnt even look good either. All the images are fish eyed and
    scrolling just makes it blurry and shitty looking. Feel like this needs a
    lot more development before its actually useful and entertaining.

    • Heart says:

      +Pheonix2022 Watch it on your phone, and walk with it. It’s like an oculus
      experience. No scrolling of any sorts involved. But to be clear, I’m using
      android to view this.

  19. Josh Sullivan says:

    Of course it’s in LA