Fort Worth Dog Train

Fort Worth Dog Train

This man takes his dogs on a ride in their custom dog train every day. Follow @AnthonyWhiteTX. Do not use this video without express written consent or permission.

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20 Responses

  1. IwshIcldstrtover says:

    I would personally like to sock the four people who disliked this video,
    right in the mouth!

  2. lazyjuicy says:

    Thx u sir! U r very kind and caring!

  3. StarMintaka says:

    This makes me so happy
    It’s so wonderful to see a man helping homeless dogs <3

  4. Lev Konstantinov says:


  5. Karen Bobaren says:

    This makes me SO HAPPY AHHHH

  6. Kiana Mescia says:

    Awww! <3 The pups are sooo happy!

  7. tvwears says:

    Is great that even the police is cool with this happening.

  8. Heather Howe says:

    You Can Easily Judge the Character of a Man by How He Treats Those Who Can
    Do Nothing for Him.

  9. Maria Swartling says:

    I wanna join the train!

  10. says:

    80-year-old man builds a dog train to take rescued stray dogs on adventures

  11. obsessedwolf says:

    Haha dog in the first (yellow) cart is just in heaven. Cool thing :)

  12. ZiK8oo6 says:


  13. Carol Armstrong says:

    How does he do this and keep a straight face? I would be busting up

  14. Coco Chanelleke says:

    Bless you Sirs Bostick!

  15. givememore4free says:

    They really do not have that much to do in Texas, but they have fun little
    dog parades

  16. Beastly says:

    im here before it goes viral

  17. João Junior says:

    God bless your heart Mr. <3 we all know how special are those creatures !!

  18. davidls11 says:

    What a great dog trainer!

  19. queenbowser says:

    I wish the video covered the entire trip or lasted longer. I could happily
    watch the train for hours!

  20. Efrain Gonzalez says: