‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ Gameplay – Ellen & Ninja

‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ Gameplay – Ellen & Ninja

This exclusive video gives a look at Ellen and pro gamer Ninja in hilarious “Fortnite Battle Royale” gameplay!


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61 Responses

  1. spllitz says:


  2. spllitz says:

    How can someone be that bad at fortnite

  3. brhyme92 says:

    watch ninjas face drop when she swears 5:59

  4. Mason Ram says:

    It was cringe but it’s great Ellen was trying to play fortnite

    • Civer says:

      Nah, i don’t think it was cringey, it might be for us teenagers, but ninja is married and stuff, i think that was more of an adult type of stuff and interactions,

    • VerminatorSUPREME says:

      +Civer That didn’t make any sense. Could you rephrase what you were thring to say?

    • Civer says:

      VerminatorSUPREME ofc 🙂 it’s adult interaction, for us teenagers it seems weird and cringey, but it’s actually normal for them and there’s nothing wrong with it

  5. NiftyFish says:

    Hmmmmm. Now ninja will play with women.

  6. KeenMile says:

    no way lol

  7. Zaza Pachulia says:

    This must have been frustrating for ninja

    • Civer says:

      Nah i doubt it, i think he’s actually tired of having to be forced to be good on stream, i think moments like these are like a breathe, it’s one of the first times in a while i actually see him laugh without faking it, and you could see it on his reaction on stream too

    • Rudra B says:

      You are the reason why Kawhi left us

  8. John Watha says:

    Ninjas going to be a great father if he has this level of patience 😂🤣

  9. Jose Alanis says:

    Ellen and conan should make a gamer clan, clueless gamers unite

  10. Jakob Lara says:

    “Imagine if I was on Ellen”
    (October Live Stream)

  11. Pringles Boi says:

    did anyone else wonder why ninja was doing so bad then realized he was playing on xbox

  12. Jon A says:

    *ninja dies in front of Ellen*
    *explains that he got stream sniped

  13. TheOnly 0506 says:

    Its like teaching your grandma how to use her phone which she cant use 😂

  14. Long Chode says:

    Man, Ellen woulda forsure dropped 20+ if she had a gaming chair. Smh

  15. WyldeGi says:

    Lol, just imagine Ninja raging in front of Ellen because of stream snipers on the Xbox servers 😂

  16. shaloooooam says:

    Guys I think Ninja is cheating on his wife with Ellen and the girl from the Samsung Ad

  17. Shafik Rahman says:

    Ellen plays better than Ali-a

  18. arjun singh says:

    How many of you thought that ellen die before ninja😅

  19. Ipshita Tasneem says:

    : I don’t want wood, I want money.
    Me too Ellen, me too.

    And for the people complaining about why Ninja wasn’t on the show, he was actually. The link is in the reply.

  20. paul grose says:

    This is literally the first girl gamer that ninja has played fortnite with.

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