FORTNITE *CHAPTER 4* LIVE EVENT!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

FORTNITE *CHAPTER 4* LIVE EVENT!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

New Fortnite start of Chapter 4 event gameplay live stream with SypherPK and T5G!

Use my Support a Creator code “TypicalGamer” in the Fortnite item shop if you’d like to support me for free!

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20 Responses

  1. LegoMotionStudio2 says:

    Typical Gamer is such a good YouTuber for streams he’s really committed and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart

  2. AmmarBTW says:

    It’s crazy how he can stay on stream for this long with no issues

  3. The_AJ_goat says:

    Amazing stream tg! So excited for more partnerships with epic!🔥

  4. HeyItsAmandaJ says:

    Awesome stream like always TG!!! We love you <3 thank you for all the time you put in your videos for your audience.

  5. Elora and Rylan. says:

    Super awesome job TG. That mic audio isn’t bad at all. Awesome set up as well. Keep up the great work!

  6. Kevin Plays says:

    great stream! not a good event in my opinion but im hyped for chapter 4!

  7. dannymakaveli3 says:

    That was a good live stream! TG i love yours vids and I’m a HUGE a fan!! I was watching it the whole time! Love your vids! See you in 7hrs

  8. Elora and Rylan. says:

    Thanks for this TG, Great stream.

  9. PythonBoy says:

    Event starts at 1:07:50

  10. tythepro123 says:

    I remember when Typical gamer was doing Gta videos its crazy how now he has got 13m subscribers on Youtube. im Proud of you Typical Gamer keep up the amazing work and one day you could hopefully get your own icon skin

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