Fortnite Except I Only Use KLOMBO Loot (overpowered)

Fortnite Except I Only Use KLOMBO Loot (overpowered)

Today I play Fortnite… except I’m only allowed to use the loot that comes from my best friend Pancake the Klombo. Let’s see how many mythic weapons he gives me and if we can win a game using just his loot!

Use code tomato because that’s what Pancake would want (epic partner)

Music from epidemicsound

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20 Responses

  1. Tomato - Fortnite says:

    This challenge is actually really fun because my good friend Pancake the Klombo is very nice and gives me good weapons

  2. Ghost says:

    Can we all agree that when Tomato upload our day is instantly better!❤

  3. Spectile Gaming says:

    Does anyone notice that the Klombo actually is a 6 legged creature?

  4. Justin Elliot Daniels says:

    Hey, if you want to get better at building, try changing your build keybinds. The default ones are rather awkward to use. Personally, I use “Tab” for wall, “Left Shift” for ramp, “C” for floor, and “T” for roof.

  5. Sonia Patel says:

    Can we just all appreciate that tomato posts every day and use code tomato

  6. Brayden plays says:

    Words of wisdom from tomato

    “You dont need chests anymore just find a dinosaur”

  7. 🚨CHECK MY CHANNEL🚨 says:

    Heaven’s house has a total of 16 klomberries: 4 from Heaven and 12 from the klombushes near her house. Simply go behind her house and look for three bushes with two berries on each of them, as well as six additional berries a little to the left and below.💖❤️

  8. its_Zyg says:

    Watching tomato walk past all of those klomberry bushes next to haven is killing me


    Can we all agree that when Tomato upload our day is instantly better!

  10. Victors World says:

    When tomato was buying klumberries, I think there was the plant that gives you klumberries beside him.

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