Fortnite – High Stakes Returns

Fortnite – High Stakes Returns

Suit up… High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.


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80 Responses

  1. The X Phoenix says:

    I hope I am not the only one who realizes Wild Card is better than John Wick.

  2. xXJamezXx says:

    You literally can’t be bothered to make a new trailer ?

  3. tonto BR says:

    Some people forget Thanos LTM but…

    NOT US

    NOT US!

  4. J0EI0 says:

    Every weapon they use is vaulted.


  5. 1,000 Subscribers with no videos says:

    The fact that nearly all the things they had in the trailer Is vaulted ??

  6. The real RH88 says:

    When your too lazy to make a new trailer, so you edit out a few parts of the original trailer with the hopes that nobody will notice

  7. ItzReal says:

    Rip guided Rip mlg Rip grappler Rip blue RPG rip all vaulted items in teh video

  8. HIWAZ says:

    Only season 0-8 players can like this

  9. Ailish says:

    vault the infantry rifle…
    it’ll make me happy
    oh and bring back the heavy shotty

  10. R o k a s C e l i e š i u s says:

    Its good that they did bring back old vaulted and GOOD stuff

  11. Day May says:

    you literally didn’t even make a new trailer you just moved the clips but gee thanks I guess

  12. some random guy says:

    When fortnite runs out of ideas


  13. Y_Moose says:

    Only controller players can like this

    Im decent 🙂

  14. ForEverAlone GAMER says:

    Now fortnite is going reverse in time. Old fortnite is coming back guys

  15. MightyDarkK says:

    I waited for this to return for so long you can’t imagine my favourite ltm

  16. MightyDarkK says:

    Who else thinks this was the best ltm ?

  17. Egg With 10.000 subscribers challenge says:

    Only console players can like this

  18. testu zza says:

    let me like it if you were there when you released escape mode the first time

  19. Alde Ambara Sakti says:

    I hope fortnite would add a nade that farms mats around it. It would really save time and effort and name it something like matnade or something like that.

  20. the one is here says:

    Epic: High Stakes Returns!!!!

    doesn’t make a new trailer to showcase it

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