Fortnite Presents: High Stakes

Fortnite Presents: High Stakes

Suit up… the High Stakes event has begun! Play the new Getaway LTM, complete challenges to unlock free cosmetic rewards and bling out your squad with new store offerings.


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76 Responses

  1. LucioOh5 says:

    0:07 I just got a Deadpool vibe.

  2. fortnite channel and videos says:

    Plzzzz old music back in fortnite like the comment if you also will it back✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

  3. DoubleU - ill says:

    People have been debating which is better? The console or a gaming PC? These both devices are… SO TRASH AND THAT’S WHY I THINK THAT…

    Mobile will dominate a 1v4 between PC and console.

  4. Aj Gamer 102 says:

    Wildcard is like say hello to my little friend

  5. 1000 SubsNoVideo says:


    Like for *Wild Card Outfit*
    Comment for *John Wick*

  6. Chender Edits says:

    the grappling hook is going to be removed a week after it gets added because it will end up like another jetpack

  7. Yo Daddy Lesbian says:

    ¿Is this the new Payday 3?

  8. _Zer0X7_ TØP says:

    How do they make these trailers? It’s so amazing

  9. RealZaroX says:

    0:22 The grappler doesn’t go that far.

  10. darkpanda says:

    @fortnite you should do PROP HUNT as a game mode, it’ll be the best game mode ever.
    pls like so they can see

  11. Mistro Akillhes & Guardian Vortex says:

    I thought I would get skin from the challenge now I have to say sorry to my brother. Thanks epic

  12. Oh My God you Mod - Modz says:

    This payday but fortnite

  13. Havoc says:

    0:30 Ladies and gentleman, we got em

  14. Linda says:

    Hey Fortnite

    Tap On me || I Have Some Surprises For you

  15. Luthfi Gamer says:

    This game mode is too lagging in the ios and android version
    Plz fix it

  16. S1inger says:

    Anyone else getting bad fps drops because of the update??? Plz fix epic

  17. AllOutJay says:

    Epic just constantly making the game fun and dominating the scene.

  18. Slimy Man says:

    These skins locking like from pay day 2

  19. FlexiShot says:

    Time to steal my mom’s credit card

  20. Voicelessgamer617 says:

    This reminds me of payday 2

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