Fortnite – Rift Zone – Moisty Palms

Fortnite – Rift Zone – Moisty Palms

Locations once thought to be lost are beginning to appear, but they aren’t the same as they once were…Drop into Moisty Palms now!

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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69 Responses

  1. Manuel game says:

    I never thought to be killed by a toilet one day…


  2. CODE- FLX says:

    No doubt that the toilet that will kill me is called LAZAR

  3. yuri sison says:

    8 year old: *I want to be a toilet and camp all game*
    Fortnite: *I agree*

  4. lilzorpt says:

    GG guys I’ma get killed by a toilets all game no victory anymore

  5. Susie Turgeau says:

    Lazarbeams gonna make a gooood meme out of this

  6. John Espinoza says:

    Did you catch it there was a grey vending machine at the end

  7. RaCa_YT says:

    Imagine lategames in the fortnite champion series in moisty??

  8. Noob_Gaming says:

    Now we will see *random players* shooting at random items ( *toilets* )
    What else do we expect?

  9. AntFilms says:

    Really? I mean it’s not exactly what we’re looking for but ok

  10. IV_OGS Day says:

    Can’t wait to die by sofas camping in a roof

  11. Gzo says:

    I like it but I am a bit disappointed that its literally paradise palms with a prop gun.

  12. ꧁ Artem꧂ says:

    Season 3: i have a bush!

    Season 10: hold my beer

  13. Z3R0 says:

    Make it so that endgame circle is NEVER on Moisty.

  14. ratou says:

    so everyone gonna ignore the fact that the taco dude didn’t get a kill?

  15. Just a normal person says:

    me: farming mats

    people who turned into prop: suprise muthefucka

  16. Salik Jamal says:

    I have a feeling this one’s gonna be vaulted as soon as it launches

  17. EmmaTrapeLaBit3 says:

    Soon you will have to do a deathtrun to go in the battlebus XD

  18. Chiken Nuggets says:

    Nothing is gonna piss me off more but getting killed by a toilet

  19. TD3 says:

    This: exists
    BCC: NEW TOilEt cAMpIng iS OP!!1!!!!

  20. FameGame says:

    Moisty Palms itself looks really great, but did you really have to put that dumb feature in it? Why not bringing the fog back or something… :/

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