Fortnite – Season X – Story Trailer

Fortnite – Season X – Story Trailer

The Zero Point is exploding. Get ready for #SeasonX dropping 8.1.2019

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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99 Responses

  1. AElien 7 says:

    No one is going to talk about how there is a LEGENDARY TAC SMG (thanks for all the likes I appreciate it ) ?

  2. Nathan Jimenez says:

    Peelys like “bruh why u eat me”

  3. Skull ? says:

    Community: REVERT
    Epic games: *sigh*

  4. mathstrong 1 says:

    If u slow down the part when he is falling u can see around the skeleton of the monster there is something red.???

  5. Fake Emotions says:

    This is actually the best trailer I’ve ever seen ❤️ Dusty at the end ? Great job EPIC ❤️

  6. Milos Vandelanoitte says:

    Volcano will still be there, slow down when jonesy falls on the map

  7. Brite Bomber says:

    0:45 Peely is mad because Jonesy ate him in the start of Season 9 lol

  8. Minecraft Memes Daily says:

    *My dad says if my last vid hits 2000 views he will get me a pet banana and name it peely!*

    *_Get me a banana bois!_*

  9. Haydf 2901 says:

    Back to the good ol’ days when there were noooo sweaty 8 year olds on their mums iPhone 4

  10. Christian L. says:

    Peely: “ You took everything from me “
    Jonsey: “ I don’t even know who you are ”
    Peely: “ you will “

    • Bruh Podcast says:


    • Miguel Borja says:

      As we are going back in time and as each week progresses a previous season is being brought back to life as we get pulled through time travel each of the seasons, starting with week 1, which will be the original season 1 map following week 2 being the season 2 map with various changes that include each seasons live event that changed the map with some sort of spawned object disappearing later never to be seen again reappear to keep things new ultimately leading up to the final week 10 map where we will get an updated map with the new motorcycle vehicle causing the vaulting of the baller yet adding in limited amount of controllable robots similar to the plane that players can obtain by disabling a found robot on the map which similar to and replacing the zombies that spawned into the map in the past seasons will attack you until you disable it by shooting the head off and take full control of the robot. – add me @Vividillusio

    • AviNight says:

      Omg so clever wanda reference

    • Matthijs Lubberts says:

      Christian L. Why

    • Dark FrostYT says:

      Alban r/whoooosh

  11. Jude Holweger says:

    Peely: YOU ATE ME
    Jonsey: you seemed happy aboutmit

  12. Jason says:

    *This season better not have 100 more fortbtes cuz it literally takes so long to collect them*

  13. Cadan btw says:

    Screw the salty/dusty factories I want the snow to melt so that we get the full yonder yard back

  14. pleasure aesthetics says:

    I’m deleting this comment August 23rd like to remind me

  15. XionTho says:

    Boys we got the factories back if you don’t know what I’m talking about you haven’t been playing long enough ??

  16. Arko Kundu says:

    Leakers: let’s leak the trailer for season 10

    Fortnite: STOPPP

    Leakers: u can’t stop us there’s too many of us 🙂

    Fortnite: fine I give up I’m gonna upload it on the channle

  17. Theburger Craft says:

    Im not gonna see it cuz i wanna see it on ps4 edit: uh fortnite may you bring back double pump or a ltm that would be fantastic i miss it 🙁

  18. Purdie Bird says:

    Jhonesy: *attempt to grab tack smg, fails*

    Us: you had one job!

  19. rhubert Oh says:

    Anybody else hope the snow will be melted?

  20. FrankyBandz says:


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