Fortnitemares 2021 – Wrath of the Cube Queen Gameplay Trailer

Fortnitemares 2021 – Wrath of the Cube Queen Gameplay Trailer

The Next Phase of Fortnitemares 2021 Brings Wrath of the Cube Queen happening now until November 1

The Cube Queen has seized control of the Fortnite Island for Fortnitemares 2021. A new enemy, weapon, returning items, the Horde Rush LTM, free rewards and more!

The Cube Queen’s emergence has resulted in changes on the Island. In addition to the fog from her dark energy, the Cubes are now at the Island’s center forming what can only be described as Cubetown. The Cube Queen’s wrath has given rise to a new Sideways weapon, the sinister Sideways Scythe and other mischievous items that have made a comeback.

Ariana Grande has returned to the Island, but now in new gear ready to take down monsters. “Spacefarer Ariana Grande,” the galaxy’s greatest monster hunter, is inviting you to join her hunt.

Jump into Fortnitemares now!

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44 Responses

  1. Pluto V2 says:

    The Mummy skin and the Pleasant Park Revamp was such a good idea 👍

  2. Imack Studios says:

    Fortnitemares is always amazing and pleasant park looks so cool!

  3. ShuffleGamer says:

    *wow* 10/10

  4. YonkouParagus188 says:

    Just for the trailer, this might be the coolest Fortnitemares EVER!

  5. Risky says:

    Fortnitemares always gives me nostalgia

  6. Danny FTW says:

    LETS GO!! 🔥 🎃 👻

  7. Sn34k says:

    Everyone be focused on the new skins, monster, and changes but I got my eyes on that Tiny Stay Puff Marshmellow Man. His face is so cute!

  8. Wylime 09 says:

    Overall looks like it’s going to be the best Fortnitemares season ever

  9. Pajaro Chango says:

    The fact that this is the worst apocalypse yet and these guys still keep partying.

  10. قناة الرعب The horror says:

    So beautiful

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