Fortnite’s WINTER UPDATE is HERE! (Pumps Unvaulted, Planes and MORE!)

Fortnite’s WINTER UPDATE is HERE! (Pumps Unvaulted, Planes and MORE!)

Fortnite Chapter 3’s first update is here! Pumps are back but they’re super rare, planes are coming back, theres free skins and so much more!
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Edit by Brianna

Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Fortnite Chapter 3 is here and it is BROKEN. FORTNITE Chapter 3’s first update is here! Hope you enjoy!

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34 Responses

  1. Darksaiyan 2002 says:

    You know I can already imagine how fun using the webshooters attaching onto the plane flying into the sky

  2. Zolz says:

    I bet we all knew the pumps would come back anyway since everyone was complaining about the new shotguns

  3. SypherPK says:

    Send me proof if you get the Pump Shotgun and manage to put it in a tent!

  4. Dede says:

    Io agents: how are we gonna get to the other side?
    Slone: * pulls out a comically large spoon * Lets Dig.

  5. ReesAlvin says:

    I love the idea of broken vending machines having almost every gun in the game… that way, you can still use old guns, but they’re rare enough that they don’t completely change the season’s meta

  6. jeremy roberts says:

    Fortnite definitely isn’t my favorite BR but man I gotta say epic is so damn creative with how they do extra content and just in general roll out new map updates and stuff like that. The whole thing with sgt winter sypher talked about where he’s gonna be going around giving good and bad gifts, stuff like that is just really cool IMO. Because of the cartoony aesthetic of fortnite they are able to do so much with the game, they basically have no limits

  7. Rythimzy Gamez says:

    Honestly, I think we already have a little bit of that in the game! I definitely like wearing some specific skins too, but they do block the screen, so if they implement the Red Dot sight effect for most of the other guns, we could potentially still wear fun skins and not have our view blocked you know!?

  8. Sue Ahn says:

    Man Sypher ur content never fails me keep doing it u always make me smile and I’m so glad the pump is coming back!!!

  9. Lewis says:

    Couple things I love about Chapter 3 already.
    1. New Map, New Weapons and Sliding Mechanic feels so good for the game.
    2. We have had 2 updates in the first week of this chapter, we didnt get that in C2S1.
    3. I’m excited for everything new coming this season and the future seasons.

  10. Soviet Sackboy says:

    I was actually buying the hop rock dualies. They are very underused and I catch so many people off guard with them. The dualies do crazy amounts of damage, like 43 or something body shot while giving you low grav.

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