Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)

Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)

In this video while searching for treasure in Columbus, Georiga I found human remains! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like button! Let’s aim for 10,000 likes! • New? Subscribe and help me reach 2,000,000 subscribers!

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Location: Columbus, GA

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20 Responses

  1. DALLMYD says:

    Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that I would never joke around about something like this. Decided to share the video today even though it’s April Fools. This isn’t a joke. Drop a thumbs up if you want to see another treasure hunting video. I’ll have another treasure video from Hawaii going up tomorrow! Appreciate the support as always. 🙂

  2. kiNK says:

    No one disposes of a body like that I mean NO ONE
    If someone cuts up a body to be tossed in a river then they cut up the body not a square hunk of flesh its probably just meat or something that feels like it so fucking fake
    Don’t ask me why I know this

  3. HappyBoy 92 says:

    this is why we wear gloves

  4. The LEGO Work Shop says:

    *chucks box of remains in river.*
    “What the fuck do you mean I was supposed to sprinkle it?”

  5. Nick Hall says:

    my friend just dumped his great aunts ashes in the nastiest lil neighborhood lake pond, because some time yrs ago she mentioned she wanted her ashes spread out their yrs n yrs ago when it was nice… her or anyone else hadn’t been their in years, moved out of state, and when they went to scatter her ashes it was the nastiest, trashy lil cess pool retainer pond you have ever seen! everyone was their after the service so they just dumped the ashes!!! moral of the story folks is get your resting place planned out seriously, and just dont mention “hey this is a nice spot, i could have my ashes thrown here when i die” to someone, cause you could die tomorrow, or 20yrs from now and thats where you could end up forever on a whim, because of something you said to someone not really thinking!!

  6. WhiteWarrior223 Gaming channel says:

    this fucking guy calls the police about everything.. dont you think who ever put cremated ashes in the damn river wanted them to be left there? ever hear of people putting thier loved ones ashes in places they enjoyed.. ocean lakes parks mountains. and so on.. im not one to complain bro i really aint but quit calling the damn cops so much unless u really need them and it truly is an emergency just my opinion so dont get all butthurt about it

  7. KylieDatCringyAfUnicornX says:

    How did the police beleive you on the 1st of April?? xD IK IK don’t take my comment too srsly!!!

  8. cody0891 says:

    That could of been a murder and the killer said he was a family member and got him cremated so people would think that he wanted to be thrown into the River but he was just hiding the evidence that he killed him

  9. Jumplight99 says:

    I thought they had found a chopped up body

  10. Peyton East says:

    I seriously don’t understand how videos like this that get over 2 million views in less than a day are not on the trending page.

  11. Justin Einwachter says:

    4:53 somebody farted

  12. Android And Ios Tutorials says:

    as soon as the scream went off my Goat Screaming notification went off lol

  13. Devinater says:

    why dont you use gloves?

  14. capt.jayrod 1105 says:

    o god i saw the dirty blood come out of the box

  15. _bxby_chloe 10 says:

    “This is not an emergency”

    “Hello his is an emergency”


  16. Kollinen says:

    I think that was the kid I killed last night

  17. rubixsolvezzz on yt says:

    dude i stole all your robux

  18. Diego Jose Abreu Molina says:

    Its april 1st no one is gonna bealive you.

  19. Snoop Doge says:

    Who’s reading the comments whilst watching this

  20. Savvygirl196 Roblox says:

    6:05 who is that girl in the back? Did she drown or something? I saw an arm waving, then it disappeared.

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