Fourth of July fireworks from the Nation’s Capitol

Fourth of July fireworks from the Nation’s Capitol

Watch the annual fireworks display and concert celebrating American independence from Washington, D.C. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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84 Responses

  1. Waffler says:

    Its at 43:07. Happy 4th of July ??

  2. Its ya boi ever. says:

    Happy 4th of July! Who else hear the fireworks while watching?

  3. bill stout says:

    Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY to all my fellow COLONIAL RABBLE!!!!

    • Julian Jackson says:

      Let’s dump some tea crates into the local harbor my colonist rabble rouser! Tar and feather the tax man!

    • The originals says:


  4. Big J says:

    Canada wishes ALL our American brothers and sisters Happy 4th of July!

    • Mimi Paige says:

      This is the 100th repl

    • Lunipo says:

      Roha Waha 6

    • Anthony Tony says:

      No Canada wishes us American could just shut up

    • Ditch Doctor says:

      Thank you! Can we have some reparations from your government since most loyalists/tories fled to Canada after the American Revolution? I mean it totally makes sense since that was only 5-6 generations ago, right?! Just kidding, but that is the deranged mindset of some Americans right now (regarding slavery that is). Thanks for being great neighbors! ?

  5. Brenda Marquez says:

    Happy 4th of july everyone i hope you have a great friday and weekend now good night!!!! -love from america

  6. Barbara Christenson says:

    Blessed Safe And Happy 4th of JULY TO ALL !!!!!!

  7. Yolanda Silva says:

    Happy birthday America!??

  8. Marechal Deodoro says:

    Happy birthday northern cousin!
    From Brazil

  9. Lady Morán says:

    Ecuador manda un saludo a Estados Unidos, felices fiestas ??????

  10. Diana Blomgren says:

    Thank you for this stirring display. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – Our USA

    • Itz_LlammaCornz lol says:

      Tbh, the US is still not that free at all

    • MR. STEALYOGIRL says:

      @Itz_LlammaCornz lol explain

    • Adelynn T says:

      @Leggan n are you serious?? Why did you click on the video then?? To spread hate when America had something to be proud of at the time and were honoring the people that made that happen and celebrating the overall freedom the country stands for

  11. Andrew Flood says:


    • Ana Vazquez says:

      I live 20 minutes from dc I went last night and at first it was good then it went bad you couldn’t see anything just smoke light. Worst fireworks ever

    • Blake Cameron says:

      @Ana Vazquez you realize that’s the fact there wasnt enough wind right? It was an amazing display of patriotism! But you can blame Trump for the weather if you want, he cant fix everything even tho it seems like he does.

    • Eddie Cheong says:

      @Ana Vazquez pay more to get the smokeless Chinese Firework next year.

    • Brandy P says:

      You only get 10mins of any good visual. That was horrible.

  12. Don Adamson says:

    Still spectacular lighting up the smoke and clouds red white and blue and all exploding!

  13. SteveO says:

    Cant even see the fireworks after 10 mins cuz of all the smoke

  14. My left nut smaller than my right. says:

    When you so lazy to go outside to watch fireworks you search up fire works and watch it home instead

  15. Jim Rinkenberger says:

    There’s this thing called “editing” that would have allowed you to cut the first 43 minutes of *nothing happening* from this video.

  16. John Malins NZ says:

    Happy 4th of July from New Zealand.

  17. SaRaH Kruch says:

    Thank you to the two fireworks companies that donated this amazing display!

    • Brandy P says:

      It was not donated

    • 40TuberYou says:

      @Brandy P Oh, you the expert now?

    • Brandy P says:

      I wouldn’t say expert but research isn’t hard to do.

    • SaRaH Kruch says:

      James Cisco …You could be right…I had only heard that there were two! If there were three ,I’m grateful to the third company as well! And yes it was announced that they were donated! …Thank you for correcting me! I would never want to exclude anyone’s generosity!

  18. Enjoyurtimehere says:

    Happy 4th of july To all Americanssss <3333 love y'alllllllllllll from ireland

  19. Zach Harmon says:

    These fireworks were all donated. Such an amazing display and a beautiful celebration of our country. Wish I could have been there.

  20. Edith Griner says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed from far away Philippines, Thank you! Happy Independence Day

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