fouseyTUBE 5 Year Anniversary

fouseyTUBE 5 Year Anniversary

Woke up this morning and had a text from Ali who showed me this. Really left me speechless. Every year, March 25th was the biggest day for me, except for this one. Each year I felt proud when it reached that day. I felt happy. Inspired. Motivated. Loved. This year felt much much different. This was definitely an uplifting video for me and I appreciate everyone who took the time to make it possible. Ya’ll are amazing. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me, but I do appreciate every single day of those 5 years. 🙂

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keep grindin my friends.

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20 Responses

  1. saad.irfan patel says:

    who else felt tears coming and rubbed them away at 03 45???

    making your mom proud is beautiful

  2. Connor Carige says:

    that was sad when he call his mum

  3. Anthony Salame says:

    One Love fousey see ya pherhaps

  4. Krisstina :p says:

    Oh no when Ali walked in I got so scared

  5. Sady_ Boii says:

    congrats yousef fr ur 5th anni. of utube ….may allah make ur success in

  6. james francis says:

    Such a dramatic bitch….

  7. FizzyMonkeyPlays says:

    you guys its not about how good you its about how good you want to be

  8. Zeynep Egal says:

    I can’t describe how proud I am. Omg I’m gonna cry😩. I wish you the best
    in your life. And Ali man😂😂😂

  9. The Music Beast says:

    congrats bro. keep grinding 👏

  10. Youssra says:

    Only love for you Yousef, keep it up buddy. You have it in you!

  11. Palwasha B. says:

    Wow. This actually made me emotional, I’m so happy I’ve been through this
    journey with you and I’ll always be!
    You’re amazing! Keep grindin’!

  12. Helal Alshihi says:

    congrats bruh bruh

  13. Cole Pimental says:

    Love you fousey keep workin…bruh bruh for life

  14. DCBoys86 says:

    Fuck the negativity bruh. Look at all the god dam love you got out there.
    How do u even see the hate past the amazing amount of just pure
    unconstitutional love you have pouring in at you? The hell with all of them
    haters do what makes you happy in the end and just keep ur head up and
    grinding forward. Much respect!

  15. Majod Salem says:

    Keep going your the best 💜

  16. Albert Tavarez says:

    The dog talking had me weak 😭😭

  17. Shawn Dublin says:

    Lmao Ali had nothing to say😂

  18. Fermin Espinoza says:

    grate job man

  19. Lochlan King says:

    YouTube takes no work in life. But when your as feminine as fousey tube
    then it’s ok.

  20. x213ERx says:

    Dam your subscribers dropped sick with it.