Fox 5 News depicts Obama as rape suspect, apologizes

Fox 5 News depicts Obama as rape suspect, apologizes

On its 10’clock news Feb. 13, 2015, Fox 5 San Diego, or KSWB-TV, briefly depicted President Obama as a suspect in a San Diego State University sex-assault case. His image appeared with “NO CHARGES” beside anchor Kathleen Bade. Mike Wille, a Fox 5 News assignment editor, said it was an accident. Two nights later, anchor Misha DiBono read a 36-word apology. For more details, see Times of San Diego:

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19 Responses

  1. Patricia Fitzgerald says:

    I agree – the apology was pathetic. 

  2. Dave Matheny says:

    At least they apologized for their stupid error. All the errors made by the
    WH never get apologized for. Let’s get civil and real out there.

  3. Ronnie Houser says:

    Oh he is so guilty… He raped his way into the presidency.. lol

  4. Sonia Henry says:

    Sad Sad Sad 🙁 Very sad. smh

  5. Sonja Morton says:

    and do you really think this was a mistake…..yeah right

  6. EdHunter1963 says:

    That’s funny!

  7. Anthony Hall says:

    This was not a mistake, it was done on purpose.

  8. ALICIA RYCE says:

    Its a sick joke on their path and was attention seeking to make “NEWS” of
    the highest office in the country and the so called apology lacks

  9. Neal Jones says:

    those old ‘publican Pharisees are at it again. They were evil in the day
    Jesus walked the earth and they still are today. Different day, same
    spirit. Phony apology she couldn’t even say the last part with a straight
    face. God will judge all hearts Fox…get ready.

  10. elhombresfbay says:

    I Believe this will hurt FOX NEWS
    IN THE OONG RUN. They are as low as it gets. 

  11. Chris Jones says:

    What kind of lame apology is that? They should be off the air.

  12. Howard Stark says:

    close down fox.

  13. Christopher Carter says:

    “In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.”

    Toni Morrison

  14. bobby noneya says:


  15. JaseHeadcaseTHX138 says:

    No charges filed for raping our economy eh….and drowning us in deficient.
    Oh well you can’t have it all. 

  16. Bamby S says:

    Omg Alan I agree what a pathetic apology!! I am besides myself as to how
    Pres Obamas picture was confused and put up at all during the news cast.
    Wow!!!!! How is it that nobody even caught it.

  17. mike_nyc says:

    That’s not a way to apologize

  18. Luis Navas says:

    they should not have apologized!

  19. Leen Brooks says:

    robbing the economy you really forgot the bushs did it all he’s just trying
    to turn his failure into something positive do your research mmmmmm