Fox and four cubs.

Fox and four cubs.

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19 Responses

  1. Ray97 says:

    Took me a second replay yo get it Lol. She implies is it moving as it is
    alive, but the guy played a joke saying they are moving cause if the

  2. Team Black says:

    < ---->

  3. steven talik says:

    I dont get it. As someone who is born and raised in Canada we get both
    British and American shows. I always find the british shows not funny. I
    give it a try but I dont understand what they are saying when they talk so
    fast. They do make good concept shows like shameless, but I still watch the
    american version of shameless.

  4. Pandas Uncle says:

    The joke is the the suitcase is made out of a fox and four cubs, for anyone
    who didn’t get the joke.

  5. Carlos Miguel says:

    It’s funny because who is phone

  6. Bat Fastard says:

    you owe me a new keyboard. Mine is now covered in coffee!

  7. Paul Nesbitt says:

    Haaaaaa brilliant…….

  8. feeltheillinois says:

    wait so are there really foxes in there or is this just a joke lol?

  9. The Channel Fadge says:

    this looks like a place in dunston gateshead that I walk past every day
    that has a discarded suitcase full of planks of wood. I dont have a
    punchline for that though, its just something I see each day.

  10. Kamil Michalski says:


  11. MooseheadDrinker says:

    How is this funny???? 

  12. Bill Colak says:

    so what did the fox say?

  13. LORD OF DONUTS says:


  14. TheGamingStudios YT says:


  15. TheGamingStudios YT says:


  16. Haupt tycoon says:

    ur accent is great. (Y) 

  17. AverageLifeTV says:


  18. Chuck Norris says:

    Took me awhile to get this

  19. Sergi Martín says:

    How can anyone find this funny! It’s literally a kids joke, a pun if you
    will, but someone with adult humor; I find this not 500,000-views-worthy.