Fox & Friends Cold Open – SNL

Fox & Friends Cold Open – SNL

Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Beck Bennett) interview Hope Hicks (Cecily Strong), Louis Farrakhan (Chris Redd) and President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).


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80 Responses

  1. Athena Davis says:

    “every day feels like when a group of strangers suddenly work together to push a beached whale back into the sea” OMG

  2. Athena Davis says:

    im getting my daily intelligence briefing…from who?…from you guys!

    • darknightoftroy says:

      This would have been funnier if it wasn’t so bloody true.
      The constant lies, manipulation, and servile behavior from this white house and its supporters are…. losing what little charm they had.

  3. Stephanie Roestel says:

    Alec is finally done filming Mission: Impossible Fallout!! Praise the Lord, Trump is back on SNL!

  4. Tosh T says:

    Heidi Gardner is underutilized.

  5. Auriam says:

    Alec 4eva

  6. Gondarth says:

    Alec Baldwin… Now there’s a face I’ve been missing on SNL over the past couple of months. Seeing him with that wig is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

  7. Tacet the Terror says:

    3:54 first there was fake news, now there are fake bites. Make biting great again.

  8. Toad Jiang says:

    “Your honor, the cops are accusing me of murder, but one of my fellow gangsters just wrote a memo to show you how utterly biased against me these cops have always been ever since I joined the gang. So now I guess you have no choice but to let me go. Also, I am suing these biased cops, they are the ones that really should be behind bars instead.”

    • Jeff Spicoli says:

      MATTINTEXAS19 seriously crooked fucking commies like you and your party are done you here me done motherfucker. And yes I am a patriot I was born here and I’m fucking sick of homos pedophiles and Satanist commies trying to ruin my country. 1776 will commence again. You liberals can try and spin your way out of this shitstorm but it will fail just like everything else you greedy evil fucks have been trying since President Trump was elected. There’s a war coming and we will win. I’m prepared to die for my country and what is right. Are you?

    • smarhaus says:

      You aren’t being serious are you? This has to be satire. No one can take a reasonable and honest look at the facts and come to your conclusion.

    • bruti56 says:

      Read the memo

    • Jeff Spicoli says:

      smarhaus must be nice living in fantasy land. Look the democrats are exposed plain and simple. And yes republicans too. John McCain for one. Look the facts are this Obama and his cronies used their power to spy on the opposition. The steel dossier payed for by Clinton and yes republicans to. And it was used along with other crap to get warrants to spy on Americans. Remember way back when when trump said obama had my wires tapped and the media and the left just laughed it off and said your crazy. Well who’s laughing now. What you think trump doesn’t have his sources. He’s the fucking President of course he does. The democrats are crapping themselves right now as they should be. And now we have these people Phil mud being one of them coming out to the media saying we’re going to kill this guy. Well guess what you try and take out a duly elected President who I voted for by the way and you will get war period. Us deplorables will fight back that’s all there is to it. So prepare for war cause these criminals aren’t giving up. And this is what it’s going to come to. Like I said I’m prepared to die for my country which I love very much in the name of liberty and justice for all. God bless us all. Trump is a patriot and I’m with my president 100%.

    • Tony Manley says:

      Emma back when things were fckd up.

  9. David LaFleur says:

    Chris Redd nails it again!

  10. Kim Jong Fun says:

    Fun fact: All “Fox & Friends” scripts are copied from North Korean State TV, they just change the name “Dear Leader” into “President Trump”, and apparently it works.

  11. Sebastian Šikl says:


  12. Pontius888 says:

    Didn’t know they had hidden cams in Trump’s Orange in Chief bedroom.

  13. polofunk says:

    That really how the three stooges act at fox and friends 😂🤣

  14. Billy Trespassers says:

    The Banana Republicans loved the FBI when they were investigating Hilary Clinton.

  15. Richard Braakman says:

    Quoting Trump accurately now counts as parody

  16. Tango Bango says:

    LUV Alec’s portrayal of DUMPF. HILARIOUS. I thought Farrakhan was deceased.

  17. Eamenic1 says:

    This parody is barely distinguishable from the actual state of the far-right in this country. Incredible.

  18. MythicTyrant says:

    “Sweet little house elf.” XD

  19. fidorover says:

    STEVE DOOCY: Good morning and welcome to Fox & Friends. It’s just like Sesame Street, except it’s for really old people and we make you dumber.
    AINSLEY EARHARDT: And none of us are Muppets.
    BRIAN KILMEADE: I’m a Muppet!
    STEVE DOOCY: Okay, buddy. You’ll have to excuse Brian; he has a rare condition where his brain is allergic to oxygen.
    AINSLEY EARHARDT: Well, let’s get right to the Presidential Daily Briefing: this first drawing is of a choo-choo train, as President Trump will be taking Amtrak today to the heart of coal country to spread the word about clean coal.
    BRIAN KILMEADE: I like toast!
    STEVE DOOCY: Okay. And this next drawing is of a nice, big fire truck that’s putting out a huge fire, as President Trump totally “burned” the Democrats with his historic and awe-inspiring State of the Union address.
    BRIAN KILMEADE: It cured my blindness!
    STEVE DOOCY: _(to Brian)_ Nah, buddy. Ya see, your eyes were closed because you fell asleep during the speech, and then you opened your eyes when you woke up at the end. Just in time to see Joe Kennedy give the Democratic response.
    BRIAN KILMEADE: Gingers are freckled demon spawn!
    STEVE DOOCY: _(to Brian)_ Well, _Democrats_ certainly are demon spawn, otherwise they’d get behind the president’s idea to build a great big wall. Am I right, Ainsley?
    AINSLEY EARHARDT: Ooh, Steve, we’re just now getting word that Dow Futures are down sharply in early morning trading, so the Dow could be headed for a second straight day of record losses.
    STEVE DOOCY: And of course that’s all Obama’s fault, as this _is_ — after all — Black History Month.
    AINSLEY EARHARDT: That’s an excellent point, Steve.

  20. Kyle Stubbs says:


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