Fox News Is Ditching Their Slogan ‘Fair And Balanced’

Fox News Is Ditching Their Slogan ‘Fair And Balanced’

Stephen looks at some potential replacements that Fox News is considering for their new slogan.

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20 Responses

  1. Tovec says:

    More than one part? WHY? You had it YESTERDAY Late Show!

  2. zach miller says:

    Guess what!…. this will always be faux news!!

  3. speebyda says:

    If your in a queue for the toilet at Starbucks, then shit and piss in a cup and sell it as coffee.

  4. Ben Migliore says:

    Fox News is such BULLSHIT!

  5. rorolia says:

    Do not split monologue u morons. Can’t u see u get more views if uploaded completely?

  6. RizenLink says:

    What’s their new slogan, ‘We Employ Sexual Predators’?

  7. JCTiggs says:

    Their new tagline.. “FOX News, your Republican safe space.”

  8. BdR76 says:

    Another rejected Fox News slogan was *Fox News: Confirming Your Prejudices* 😉

  9. MagusMirificus says:

    Monologue order:
    1/2: “Robert Mueller’s Dream Team Is Giving Trump Nightmares”
    2/2: “Fox News Is Ditching Their Slogan ‘Fair And Balanced”

  10. Zachary Collins says:

    Now all they have to do is drop “News”.

  11. Mickey Mortimer says:

    Technically, the Tyrannosaurus skin paper only confirmed that it had scales on at least some areas of its body. Other areas could have been feathered, as we know of dinosaurs like Kulindadromeus with both scales and feathers. The paper itself says as much, though of course things are dumbed down for the news. Not as dumb as Fox News, but that’s difficult to match…

  12. ScionStorm says:

    What’s up with the anti-feathers thing? Smaller therapods like ‘raptors look awesome in feathers. Get over your scales and leather skin fetish people. This is like people disliking when it was announced that dinosaurs didn’t drag their tails like limp noodles or drag their bellies despite their size and weight.

  13. Alvin Tay says:

    The bit about T-rex is false. They found out that T-rex had scaly skin but this doesn’t prove that it didn’t have feathers. T-rex was almost certainly covered in feathers throughout its body, with few portions of its skin bald. Much like how some bird species aren’t completely covered in feathers.

  14. fidorover says:

    *2 of these monologue topics are very much related:*
    Due to overly strict public urination laws back in prehistoric times, dinosaurs had to “hold it” far too often, leading to widespread bladder infections and, ultimately, the extinction of dinosaurs.

  15. I.R.D.K. Productions says:

    Cheers to Stay Human for doing “Hustle” at the end. 🙂

  16. Donald J. Trump says:

    Fox News: We eat Trump ass

  17. Joe Fangers says:

    Jon Batiste – they still haven’t quite worked out what kind of role he has outside of his contribution as band leader. It seems as if they’re _trying_ to create something along the lines of Paul Shaffer-ish ‘not quite sidekick’ but it’s not really working. You can hear him talking off the back of a joke, but mostly I can’t pick up what he’s saying. So in the end it sounds like audio bleed from a different show.

  18. borot man says:

    “Fair and balanced” was mocked? Awwwww, poor sexists.
    I will admit that they may be on to something with the “most viewed and most trusted”… Youtube sometimes recommends to me their pieces and my morbid curiosity allows me to last 3 whole minutes.

    Forget political agendas or anything, it is purely terrible and nothing more. Eating unfiltered garbage would actually be a better experience than listening to that tripe (healthier too. You’d still have more brain cells). Arguments found in youtube comments, though often dumb and/or embarrassing, are legitimately more constructive and informative. If Fuck’s News is really as their new slogan advertises, all of us owe it to ourselves to correct it. Let old racists die if they’re above all accountability, they deserve to be judged by the highest order and face the consequences of their horrid actions against their fellow man.

  19. Mythology Squirrel says:

    Stephen…Stephen, Stephen, Stephen…
    You misunderstand – Feathers are a type of scale. Having one does not mean they lack the other. Think of a bird’s legs/scutes. Just because those lack feathers doesn’t mean the bird is featherless.

    …In addition, Trey the Explainer already looked at that report – beyond several misleading statements in the report, the actual conclusion is more “the T-Res had a feathery cloak with a scaly underside” than “T-Rex had no feathers.”

    …This is why scientists hate news…you guys really need to know more about what your talking about…discourse is important, but logos and facts are a vital part of maintaining civil discourse and credibility.

    Now, here’s the good news – Triassic archosaurs (dinosaurs) were not generally feathered…but they were also only up to 6 meters (20 feet) long…Dilophosaurus has an awesome cranium, Smilosuchus is a Croc-a-god, Drepanosaurus is the cutest little abomination of a monkey-lizard, and Tanystropheus has a 3 meter long stiff neck that acts like a giant fishing rod.

    …Not to mention that the Triassic was the last major age of amphibians like Mastodonsaurus (15 foot long salamander-crocodile)…

  20. Sploogmaster2 says:

    Wait, their slogan was fair and balanced? Wow

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