Fox NFL Sunday – SNL

Fox NFL Sunday – SNL

Curt Menefee (Kenan Thompson), Howie Long (Mikey Day), Jimmy Johnson (James Austin Johnson), Michael Strahan (Devon Walker), and Terry Bradshaw (Molly Kearney) try to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles versus the New York Jets without bringing up Taylor Swift.

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37 Responses

  1. techytrekki says:

    Love that they managed to get Taylor and Kelce on the show tonight, highly anticipated these type of jokes to be made but I like that it was more of a crazed Swifties approach than a gag a Taylor serial dating men

  2. Ilse Quinones says:

    No way Travis Kelce 😭🤚🏼 he has the greatest humor so I’m sure he agreed soooooo fast! Hahaha

  3. John S. Harris says:

    How do yall keep luring Kelce on to this show 🤣

  4. TheYatlun says:

    Pete really channeling Adam Sandler vibes and it’s awesome

  5. Ashley Taveras says:

    Pete Davidson never disappoints and love the pink cowboy hat on him. 💕🤠

  6. Celia Weinrauch says:

    I actually screamed when I saw Travis Kelce! That was great!

  7. graceee says:

    as a swiftie this is actually how we act 😭😭 the only time i feel like snl got it right

  8. 12 PackersFan says:

    Massive football fan and it’s totally spot on how the people who complain about seeing too much T Swift are also the ones who keep bringing her up

  9. Anthony Riche says:

    Travis Kelce is gonna be the next football player turned movie star mark my words. The dude has it all and his comedic timing is excellent.

  10. batgurrl says:

    Pete’s Pink Cowboy hat was everything. Thank you Kenny, you have been the opposite of helpful

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