Fox Pups Playing with Dog’s Ball

Fox Pups Playing with Dog’s Ball

Fox pups playing with a tennis ball – May 2015

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19 Responses

  1. Jessica Jones says:

    Foxes are so gosh darn adorable. Too bad you cant even own a domesticated
    one without some PETA extremist trying to kill it.

  2. Megan Smetzer says:

    Cutest thing I’ve seen on YouTube!!

  3. Dexaan says:


  4. Brett Drolet says:

    See you guys on Good Morning America.

  5. FightForTheArts says:

    Ooohhhhhhhhhhso cuuuute!!!!

  6. A dog says:

    Lol, foxes are like cat-dog mix, but is a canine.

  7. Oblivion says:

    They’re playful like puppies but with some of the pouncing and jumping
    mannerisms of kittens.

    Soooo cute :D

  8. AIIUserNamesInvalid says:

    why didnt you shoot them? this is america they need to learn what property

  9. flintldan says:

    Are those cats?

  10. Asi Hijas de la Tierra says:

    Dos cachorros de zorro en pleno juego!!!

  11. ArkhamBoundZ says:

    it’s so cute i can’t freaking stand it

  12. Roddy Lawrence says:

    The title honestly made me think this video would be about something more

  13. zata algoris says:

    Like an angel in disguise…

  14. Rosy Sanchez says:


  15. Verdant Hush says:

    Fox always remind me more of something like a cross between a cat and a
    ferret, more than a dog. I know, weird. Am I the only one?