Foxconn plant video shows alleged iPhone 8 rear shell

Foxconn plant video shows alleged iPhone 8 rear shell

Foxconn plant videos shows alleged iPhone 8 rear shell

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20 Responses

  1. CrazySonicfan 100 says:

    Are they making the phone

  2. Jatz Crackers says:

    Omg….never buy apple like hens in a factory for 40cents and they charge you $1000 sick….👿👿👿👿👿

  3. vampire216ful says:

    Those poor slaves getting paid 10 cents a hr meanwhile apple making a billion a day

  4. shaserdeses says:

    While Apple makes its billions per year.. Foxconn in Taiwan pays their workers peanuts to make these. Corporate greed at its finest. Then there’s the stupid fools who buy the shit Apple makes as soon as it comes out and call it “innovative”.

  5. Bac Playz says:

    Gotta love the apple child labor. Paid 40 cents a day

  6. Noah Stemann says:

    WTF They look like slaves or something lol

  7. Boracay Becker says:

    Well? Where’s the iPhone 8?

    Oh wait I forgot, they pretty much release the same thing every year.

  8. The Artist Formerly Known As Dr. Bees says:

    Oh wow… Who gives a fuck? More overpriced bullshit from Apple.

  9. scenecheck123MYJ says:

    Do people really care this much about the back of a phone? Like what is knowing what it looks like really gonna do for you?

  10. Hammerhead Morty says:

    Everyone’s hating on the working conditions when this is actually one of the better factories. Yes I also know Samsung and other big companies use these factories too. From a money-making perspective it’s obvious to go with the people who will accept very little to work long hours, but from a human perspective the conditions are undesirable. This shit has happened for YEARS, you’ll feel bad for the people now but honestly I doubt many of you will even remember this. Everytime there is a “leak” of new tech, people cry foul at the factory conditions, but after that they do nothing to help.

  11. Frigman Gaming says:

    I see so many comments about apple “not paying the workers”. If that is true, than what the fuck does Samsung or other phone companies pay workers. Why is apple to blame???

  12. Oswald Cobblepot says:

    Apple products are for fags and hipstersexuals.

  13. S Up says:

    It’s not like apple is making these people work for them they those to work for apple so apple chooses what money they make

  14. woosh says:

    Yepp….. that’s a foxconn factory alright

  15. T.E. Lawrence says:

    Ahhh yes little asians make my new iPhone! Can wait to get my hands on it this fall!

  16. John Jackson says:

    You guys act like Apple is the only one that does this

  17. Gary Rich says:

    Slaves still exist in 2017? Apple is cheeky asf!

  18. Mwaffles says:

    Look all I want is the choice to have a headphone jack

  19. Father Dewitt says:

    I recommend watching a documentary on how these people work and live. Their lives are very fucked.

  20. says:

    The reason why I don’t buy apple products

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