Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt: Church is the best place to get shot

Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt: Church is the best place to get shot

via Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. T Mac41603 says:

    Oh Lord I cannot stand people like this. Makes us Christians look bad

  2. Leo Scott says:

    what the fuck did she just say….?

  3. Negan says:

    Reported for spam and misleading

  4. poopagore says:

    Come on guys,God has a plan

  5. Seth Gaertner says:

    She horribly mangled it, but I took her comments to mean that even though the shooting happened at a church, she would feel most comfortable to morn and remember them at a church

  6. Samuel Guerrero says:

    Ok here’s the thing guys she never said “church is the best way to get shot.” Whoever posted the main title of this video is lying to you. All she describes is that there is no place we would want to go besides church meaning that Christians want to go to church the most and that she implies that we should not fear going into a place of worship. Don’t let all of the naysayers mislead you because they probably have not reviewed the video like I have. Which means replaying the video over and over to see what exactly was being said. If your gonna lie about Christians than please hold your tongue.

  7. Noah Atwood vlogs says:

    Y’all commenting based off a title? Wow bhaaaaa sheep. Did you watch the video? Your taking her statements out of context.

  8. Koala says:

    Y’all need to calm down about this

  9. MrTony 19 says:

    No better place to get shot than in a video game.

  10. redrum murder says:

    For 1 a hospital is the best place to get shot preferably the ER… 2 I would smh but this is fox news so it’s expected…

  11. Sergio Sanchez says:

    Nope those people haven’t gone to heaven, no one does until the lord returns to earth. Until you are judged by God and your actions on this earth were deemed worthy of salvation then do you have the right and blessed privilege to go to heaven. Until then you are just a sleeping soul. Faith without acts of kindness, love, sacrifice and self-discipline to ones neighbor is nothing. Saying you love god will not earn you salvation unless you show it to him by your actions. No one can assume you are a good person because no one on earth but yourself knows what kind of person you really are, so we can’t go around saying this person and that person are going but this person was bad so he’s not going (to heaven) because we can’t see inside their mind and their heart to understand what kind of person they were. But you know who can?? God can.

  12. Angela Davis says:

    These people have the top IQs… Believe me.

  13. nictimus says:

    I wonder what happened to God, why didn’t he intervene like in Pulp Fiction? By the way, conservatives, how did those guns worked out again?

  14. Paul Leachman10 says:

    Yo what the fuck

  15. itsStawny says:

    Fox and Friends might be the dumbest people on earth

  16. Bryce Halverson says:

    She didn’t even say what the title of the video says she says, dumbasses… Shes right…I would rather be in a church professing my faith to the Lord, if I were to die, and id be thankful for most likely being able to sit and take the time to ask for forgiveness for my sins in a peaceful place right before I die…

  17. d87fresh1 says:

    When did she say “Church is the best place to get shot” as the title says?

  18. Jackson Seaver says:

    This is the dumbest ass thing I have ever heard red from that 70s show should show up and shove a boot up her dumbass

  19. TheGuess2D says:

    Brian Kilmeade looking more like Brian Kill-me when that fucking dumb bitch is talking… I’m right wing but get this religious bullshit out of the mainstream…”they’re experiencing eternity” shut the fuck up the only thing we know is that they’re experiencing decomposition.

  20. Bronze Caltrop says:

    Yeah, because that’s what you say after your baby, your husband, and father, get shot in a church. Fucking dumbass.

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