France v Belgium – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 61

France v Belgium – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 61

France booked their place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final thanks to a goal from Samuel Umtiti.

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94 Responses

  1. JonaYu 1212 says:

    France goalkeeper is so amazing😍

  2. UnPhayzable says:

    Time for Giroud to establish himself as the GOAT

  3. UnPhayzable says:

    I wonder who’s gonna win the golden baguette for France

  4. Thota Prasanna says:

    Waiting for France vs England💕

  5. TRAN KIMDUC says:

    Final match
    🇫🇷 vs ?🤔


    Congratulations FRANCE….
    from your neighbour in Saarbrucken Germany…

  7. Alireza P says:

    African Union will win this word cup

  8. sandipan sen says:

    Curse of Brazil elimination

    • Egghead says:

      Just stop it, Brazil had some kind of voodoo curse over them during that match, Brazil are and always will be a better team than those Germheads, get Germany and Brazil to play 10 matches and i guarantee Brazil will win 7 out of 10 of those matches.
      I`m laughing at Belgium, cause now they know what it`s like to be the better team and lose, as Brazil was the better team against them and lost, soccer is different to every other code of football, the better team looses much more often than would be expected, it`s just a funny game sometimes.

    • CyanBlue says:

      Egghead Germany football is better than Brazil. Much more advanced , disciplined, and intelligent. You say nothing but nonsense.

    • Egghead says:

      Keep dreaming, nobody plays the beautiful game like them, since they invented it, i have yet to see any team play like them when they are in full flight, Spain came close a few years back, but that`s it, we all know how germans like to be( mechanical) is the term that best fits them, they just dont have that natural flair and brilliance of Brazil, simple as that.

    • Habibunnabee A. Rahman says:

      egghead actually has egg as his brain… France was the better team in that match hands down. Belgium played well but they couldnt finish. If u cant take chances then, how r u playing better football? Against Brazil Belgium was the better team they got clear chances and they took them. Where Brazil failed to score ez chances. If u cant finish its not bcz of ur luck.

    • Egghead says:

      Fuckoff retard, u dont have a fuckin clue!!!!

  9. Everything Salty says:

    Belgium made their country proud

  10. Bangla Fun Rox says:

    Love France 😍😍 From Bangladesh


    FROM ITALY……………………………..

  12. Samantha DaKoin says:

    That pass fro MBappe was awesome!!!

  13. Jay Rawat says:

    Congratulations Frenchmen

  14. Vishwa Krishnan says:

    This match was truly underwhelming…

    Not gonna lie I feel like this final is gonna be really underwhelming also 🤷

  15. Monkey D. Garp says:

    In the final FRANCE VS CROATIA 1-2

  16. V R says:

    *_Now, for sure It’s coming home_*
    Long live Britishers !!

  17. ironshark123 says:

    C’mon Croatia rape England tonight😄😁😆

  18. iWydadi says:

    Its going home
    Its going home, it’s going
    France going home…

  19. Raj Shekar says:

    EIPC MATCH ENJOYED, IT alot 🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥❤⚽

  20. Mr CJ says:

    Am i the only one who thought France played a disgracefully game. Mbappe for one with the golden globe near front flip from a pat on the top of the head and walking off with the ball when its a line out for Belgium in the last 6 mins of overtime.. I hope they lose in the final.

    • H H says:

      I completely disagree with you
      On the second half Belgium players got more aggressive and were making careless mistakes
      The players didn’t fall for nothing
      It’s true there was a mistake on hazard that the referee didn’t see I agree
      But they played an amazing defense on the 2nd half
      And everybody win time in football, everybody’s know it

    • MaxZy says:

      Mbappé was mistreated by the entire opposing team without having any faults. He had his revenge moment and TROLL indeed

    • C.T.A. says:

      Mattias Lens
      Then go ahead, lose with honor man.
      Let us be happy for the final.

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