France v USA – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

France v USA – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

USA progressed to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ semi-finals, setting up a meeting with England, after recording a victory over hosts France.

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68 Responses

  1. Sylvain Mass says:

    Courage les Bleues,vous n’avez pas démérité,la prochaine fois sera la bonne

  2. oceane -15 says:

    I think Alex Morgan was very tired tonight!!! But Thank you USWNT

  3. Чинтогтох Бадмаадорж says:

    The second gool of the game was a win-win ball.Thank you Tobin

  4. Cazy Officiel says:

    C’est dommage, il manquait 1 but pour la prolongation…

    • ich bin ein gross zalopar says:

      Une fois de plus les nerfs!
      Il aurait fallu un ancien de 98 pour les entraîner. Zidane par ex.impossible de les imaginer sans progrès avec ce genre de coach,sinon elles seront pour toujours comme les mecs il y a 30 ans: championnes du monde des matchs amicaux

    • Luc Vis says:

      C’est dommage il fait trop chaud et je dois retourner au taf

    • Lola says:

      le but qu’on aurais probablement mis si l’arbitre avait siffler le penalty

    • Anil RB says:

      Guys! stop complaining> You messed up and lost!. Il n y a pas de “si…” ou , on aurait pu….” Vous avez perdu…Fullstop.

  5. Ivan Ruiz says:

    That free kick went through more people’s legs than a leprechaun in a New York Metro.

    Great game overall by both sides.

    Let’s go USA.

  6. GOLDwingsRR says:

    Crystal Dunn. Heart of team USA defense, she doesn’t get enough recognition!

  7. Winnie Brinah says:

    Good job France…Diani player of the match for france

    • Del Cat says:

      The rest of them weren’t closing down or working hard enough until it was too late. Good headed goal from Renard.. shame they didn’t get more decent crosses to her.

    • Eloan ANDRE says:

      Diani done a lot of error , she is good only when she have the ball but not in other thing like passes

  8. Float Circuit says:

    Rapinoe’s free-kick goal proves that Quantum Mechanics is real.

  9. Intisam Al-Hussein says:

    Wasn’t with the US but may the best time winnn?! Hope England beat themm?

  10. Xavier Ghazi says:

    Rapinoe admitted that they were “outplayed” by the French but “the US defence sealed the match”. Oh, well.

    • alexander exis says:

      They were certainly outplayed in the second half.

    • Matt Pavi says:

      French were also too inefficient in attack; too hasty, way too much wastes.

    • BenR says:

      Xavier Ghazi the us gameplay was to let the French attack and play intense defense and score on the counter attack, and she also never said that. If you think they were outplayed you don’t know football

    • Erock Stoenescu says:

      That 3rd goal was not offsides. They didn’t even include it in these highlights cause it makes them look bad

    • Parker t says:

      France didnt even have a shot on goal for the whole first half

  11. Joey Jerry says:

    Despite the fact the US won, France honestly did extremely well. They had more possession, more passes, more shots, better pass accuracy and less fouls

    • nycliontwin24 says:

      The US coach said before the match that France didn’t want the ball, so they gave them the ball but they didn’t allow the build up from the back that the French preferred. The US created a LOT more dangerous chances throughout the whole match.

    • Tirso Duarte says:

      Due to the early goal, France had to attack while the USA just had to hold on. That’s why France had better stats.

    • John Sénat says:

      @Mr. Bondhus2You You clearly don’t know Football ;), the rules were changed the 1st June 2019.

  12. Play Malkhax says:

    Jusqu’au bout de l’espoir ! Bien les Bleues ?? On l’aura dans 4 ans l’étoile ?

  13. emmanuel huet says:

    Félicitations les bleues ? , belle coupe du monde et bon exemple en terme de fair play et de sportivité ✌️✌️??

  14. moves de pro says:

    Incroyable sur la situation de main que l’arbitre ne consulte même pas la var. Beaucoup de situation litigieuse pour les états unis durant ce mondial ???

  15. Fatima Yadira says:

    What kind of highlights are these?? Anyways, Dunn was AMAZING ?? can’t wait for the match against England!

  16. IGNACIO ANDRES Arredondo says:

    Rapinoe was superb this match, but the Best Players for me were Heath and Dunn, underrated statement.

  17. Flag TOP says:

    Un doublé masculin, féminin aurait été magnifique. Dans 2 ans, on essaye de gagner l’Euro et après la coupe du monde dans 4 ans

  18. P 1 says:

    Once again Alex Morgan is nowhere to be found since her 5 goals against a helpless Thailand … yet Press is stuck on the bench for 85 minutes .

  19. Le Jambon says:

    Je commence à comprendre le sentiment général belge de l’an dernier.. Par analogie de possession et de domination globale

  20. Jonas le Monteur says:

    J’ai la haine, les coupes du monde à domicile, y’en a pas tous les 4 ans et on perd comme ça… ? Y’avais main dans la surface ! ????

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