Franklin’s 50th “Peanuts” Anniversary | The Daily Show

Franklin’s 50th “Peanuts” Anniversary | The Daily Show

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Franklin being introduced as the first black “Peanuts” character, Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. break down his most cringeworthy appearances.

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82 Responses

  1. A P. says:

    Franklin forever!

  2. TheHeroOfTomorrow says:

    “Why is the dog at the table?” In fairness, Roy–that dog cooked their meal. Lol

    • Vidal Carrillo says:

      It’s all about context, ROY. Lol. That dog worked hard in this dog eat dog world, let him be.

    • printthelegends says:

      AND… he didn’t cook turkey. Their Thanksgiving was popcorn, jellybeans, pretzel sticks and buttered toast. It’s the whole point of the cartoon! Peppermint Patty complains about the meal and learns that the food itself doesn’t matter. It’s everyone coming together… and everyone includes Franklin.

    • S kildert says:

      Who’d put the cook at the table? He’s hired to stay in the kitchen!

    • juan's Dawon says:

      Look people, the dogs name is Snoopy and if Snoopy can fly a red dog house then Snoopy can cook.

    • blessed14real says:

      juan’s Dawon
      Oh the memories. I agree with you, there is nothing Snoopy can do.

  3. DarkChild Sage says:

    5:13 is the best end off clip in a video

  4. SpiralEntree says:

    The original token black character

  5. mst3kanita says:

    Aw, I love Franklin.

  6. Cornelius White says:

    Now THIS was Funny!!🤣🤣🤣

  7. Deviant Studios says:

    The end killed me😂😂😂

  8. Saving/ me says:

    LOL he’s funny
    MartinLuther king Jr killed….hmmm let’s get peanuts to finally add one black character.

    • joanne jones says:

      Saving/ me please go away

    • TheAecke says:

      you see it’s more showing that other also don’t agree with racism and doing something they can. It’s not like we can undo what was done, nor did we actively contribute to it and still we gotta live with what our ancestors did. Just like every german person has to, it doesn’t mean they stand for it, infact most of them are more humanitarian than others not affected in the slightest.

    • sheckler hodgdon says:

      🌞 *I МА”SТURВАТЕ Т0 VIDЕ0S !0N МY С!HАNNЕL! !L00K!* 😜😜😜

  9. nancy ediagbonya says:

    Franklin had moves tho!

  10. Natalie Rose says:

    The Franklin at thanksgiving thing had me rolling

  11. Mohammed Rehaan says:

    Seriously I thought Roy was 50 years old

  12. Hulk Smash 24/7 says:

    They segregated Franklin…LOL!!!

  13. Zen Huxtable says:

    damn roy really IS 39, and trevor’s 34. crazy

    • firefly says:

      I’m white and I live in Africa. I have seen it numerous times – black people are obviously the majority and you know what? Even my white beautician acknowledges that black people age better than whites. They generally have better skin that is a lot less dry and weirdly, black people here tend to moisturize like mad … they look pretty good. White people, in general, do not age as well. It’s fact and I’m a little jealous 😀

    • blessed14real says:

      J Carter
      As long as you live to see another birthday, we will always age. However some age gracefully, some age horribly, some age slowly, and some use other devices to combat aging faster.

    • blessed14real says:

      As a black woman, let me say that our skin do tend to dry out, does the term “ashy skin” ring a bell. Because the ashy look is seen on darker or colored skin, we moisturize. We use lotion and other moisturizing creams to hydrate our dry skin. Moisturizing is nothing new to black Africans. The more we slather the more supple our skin becomes and maintain its youthful appearance. Why does that seem weirdly to you?

    • J Carter says:

      +blessed14real I think there are points to every argument. I do moisturize. I do not tan. I have melanin which is genetically better when in the sun. I also personally carry less emotional stress and treat my body well. So many variables go into what makes the aging process better for most people. Blacks probably win alot bc of moisturizing all the time.

    • sheckler hodgdon says:

      🐹🐹 *Wаn3t mе? Lо1оk, I mаst**bаtе nаk6еd,снеск0 снann5el* 😻

  14. BlestNekun says:

    The joke’s on them, since all newspaper comics are black and white.

  15. THESocialJusticeWarrior says:

    Not that far from what Loony Toons did with black characters… and those were banned.

  16. Kelvin Nganga says:

    Trevor. I’m from Kenya but to date, you’re the top of all my role models. Big up to you and your simba heart.

  17. Anne K says:

    Trevor! Her solution may seem odd but he was the least aggressive approach! At that time the last thing in the world we needed was more aggression!
    I personally think her idea was brilliant! He was a great addition to the comic strip! Go Franklin!

    • Buzry Hapro Mandalorian Bounty Hunter says:

      I think that Fred Rogers was the lest aggressive.

    • Nysi Tay says:

      Anne K when they lynch your child see if it works…50 years later barbarians still lynching

    • 2008MrsKim says:

      He meant no harm by it but nontheless, it was odd at the time. i’m sure we could agree on that.

    • Zweig Ackroyd says:

      Nysi – good grief, overreact much? You think like a Trump supporter twisting what people say. It probably escaped your notice that Anne didn’t say “nothing else should have been done in reaction”. Lighten up.

    • Nikki says:

      agreed i love that it is being shown people that aren’t of color being pioneers in the past. This day an age racism get so concentrated we all forget there were good people that weren’t minorities that had wonderful hearts to see the future we needed in this country.

  18. ColoringKaria says:

    Dear god someone tell me those aren’t real Franklin clips! It’s sooo messed up.

  19. Kartoffel Pommes says:

    Ahahahah!!! “Baby jails are the new Mondays” I just about died! Oh, laughing then I cry. Anyway, congrats to Franklin and what the character represents!

  20. havok6280 says:

    Baby Shaft… ya damn right…

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