Freddie Gibbs – Vice Lord Poetry

Freddie Gibbs – Vice Lord Poetry

Triple S Exercise

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40 Responses

  1. DownFromTheREEEfters says:

    Gangsta Gibbs one of the greatest rappers of the current generation!

  2. joshua says:

    It’s weird, I love all the artist of this newly resurrected sample heavy hip hop like roc Marciano, and all of Griselda, but Freddie out of everyone seems to keep getting better and better as an overall artist. Mans is different!

    • Juelz Santana's Bandana says:

      @TheWutangclan1995 lowkey

    • Kongcrete 818 says:

      @Jacob M album not lp

    • Kongcrete 818 says:

      @P-SouL87 cant forget the shit he did with alchemist

    • harrietthepenguin says:

      baffles me how much people sleep on Roc Marci, like do you actually listen to what he’s saying? Gibbs doesn’t even come remotely close to Roc’s expertise. listen to the creativity in the writing. listen to the creativity in the production (90% of it being made with his own two hands). there’s no comparison, and I’m a huge Gibbs fan. I’d even go so far as saying there’s not a rapper dead OR alive that could outwrite Marci, or come close to his overall level of artistry. the Griselda-Gibbs comparison is understandable, but Gibbs should not be mentioned in the same convo as Roc Marci. there’s really levels to this lmao

    • DFW Herbie says:

      @joseph D big facts!!

  3. Pancho says:

    oh lord this finna be heat

  4. KiWi 3300 says:

    Freddie really said, “You said you smoking top 5s but you ain’t burnt up The One”… Kendrick said he’s smoking top 5s on family ties… Freddie wants the smoke straight from the chimney!😎🔥

    • YSKm west says:

      @Jamborl17 kdot is top 3. Gibbs maybe top 30. There is levels to this game and there has never been a better hip hop album than to pimp a butterfly

    • YSKm west says:

      @Middle Of The Summer Kendrick doesn’t throw rocks, he drops the best albums in the history of hip hop than once every 5 years says something like I’m the best out right now. Rappers like big Sean, drake and Freddie midd are jealous of him. Every other rapper is beagadocious people only go after Kendrick bc they know he can back up his claims

    • YSKm west says:

      @Middle Of The Summer Kendrick the goat. Simple and plain

    • Afro Shinobi says:

      @Middle Of The Summer You been under a rock? You forget about Control. The ones he called out were the ones actually ducking him. Yall get on the internet and just say anything lol

    • Middle Of The Summer says:

      @YSKm west Kendrick ain’t the goat. Get off of that man lap groupie

  5. J Shizzle says:

    The idea of a Gibbs & Kendrick rivalry gives me goosebumps…

  6. JuiceMan says:

    Freddie so underrated.

  7. Richie Rich says:

    This song is instantly better with that world class Kane “finish”

  8. 𝙍𝘼𝙄𝙉𝙔𝙎𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙊𝙉 says:

    This beat fits so well for Freddie. He’s making the rap so proud.

  9. Jajuan Logan says:

    Ive been riding to Fetti, Bandana, and Alfredo everyday for a year straight in then it finally hit me that Freddie is one of the greatest rappers that ever lived. He’s def top ten all time at this point.

    Edit: just caught the top 5 line, Kendrick in the studio as we speak 🤣🤣🤣 oh lord

  10. Bandstand says:

    i want CLB in it’s entirety but wit gibbs on the mic

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