Fredo Bang ft. Polo G – Bless His Soul (Official Video)

Fredo Bang ft. Polo G – Bless His Soul (Official Video)



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43 Responses

  1. Jonathan Desnoyers says:

    I’m just waiting on that Fredo band & trapland pat song !!!!!

  2. Ejthasickest says:

    Respect To Everyone Who Came From Nothing To Something Without Wasting Lifetime✊🏾💯

  3. Yanick van Rijs says:

    The collab we didn’t know we needed

  4. Jojoworld says:

    So we gon act like we don’t see nyque right there with fredo 😂😂

  5. Jadin Mosley says:

    “out here writing statements like he working on his penmanship”🥴🔥

  6. Jae KiDd N His 508Cents says:

    Bless his soul Fredo Bang Keep Him Safe out here an keep him Focused on The Goal!
    Rip Geemoney RIP Blvd Quick

  7. Disciple's of Jesus says:

    Jesus loves u all and he’s coming back soon repent❗💯🙏

  8. HalfPint Kelo says:

    “I put my savage on even tho he active” S/O Lit Yoshi. 🔥

  9. Omma says:

    Polo don’t miss big up Fredo too

  10. Fredo Bang says:

    Comment “🔥” 5 Times If You Bumping

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