Fredo Bang – Traffic (Official Music Video)

Fredo Bang – Traffic (Official Music Video)

MOST HATED Out Now! Stream Here:

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Directed by: ShotByJolo

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82 Responses

  1. James Tutson Sanchez says:

    Gee money live in every TBG chain 😇❤

  2. YvngCash says:

    “Don’t Lie who’s been a fan of Fredo Bang before 2020?💕”

    (Don’t Read My Name)🤿🩳

  3. Tre Savage says:

    I ride with a Ratchett

  4. Cee Cee says:

    He the most well mannered Gangsta frfr
    Quiet but Heard..

  5. ninthward skinny says:

    boy this tha album rite cha that’s gon put him at tha top where he belongs

    • domitilio allee says:

      @liman8de923 chicken ass …you know nothing about numbers. You don’t even know what a networth is, you can’t have that much money if YOU DON’T SELL THAT MUCH, yall see a couple of chains and a car and yall think nigga is rich as fuck. He got some money but his money ain’t that large yet

    • BIG SKEENO says:

      domitilio allee he just got signed to def jam 😑 atleast he built his base naturally then got signed.

    • domitilio allee says:

      @BIG SKEENO ..dude when you got sing you ain’t ready yet, you have to pay those labes every penny back, even the dinner meeting money, if you don’t sell like wow you will loose everything. That’s why plenty of artisit went broke.

    • BIG SKEENO says:

      domitilio allee yb getting fucked over by Atlantic i dont wanna hear it. What you sayin dont make sense wym he aint ready he was unsigned for a damn year. Lol

    • BIG SKEENO says:

      domitilio allee labels help you get that push and recognition to the bigger audiences and for fredo rn he climbing up there.

  6. Jamen Lanns says:

    All jokes aside Fredo bout the only rapper I know that’s been out of trouble.And he the only rapper that I look up to, that’s why I rock wit him on sum real stuff. And I’m just keeping it 💯

    • EasyTown Key says:

      Homna :: Ecclesiastes 3:8A time for loving and a time for hating; A time for war and a time for peace.
      Hell even the Israelites who God loves went around murdering pillaging & taking lands lol.

    • pop mane says:

      Look up to u ol dummy

    • YrNThe PRO says:

      Nigga was just locked up🤦‍♂️

    • 2glocc Retawded says:

      That bihh been in trouble he just ain’t got caught, you dont hear him telling u in the song clown.

    • ricky fooce says:

      I know this rapper is on my top 10 favorite new Legend rappers and he is probably number 5 before him him 4 is easy e 3.Nipsey Hussle 2 2pac 1 notorious big but he is no doubt on my top five favorite legendary rappers and he will always go down as one of the best rappers in the Legendary game gang gang 🔫🍀💽💿💰💵💷💶💴💰💳🎧🎤🎶🎵🌉🌆🌃🌇🚤🚁✈🇺🇸🇮🇹🇪🇸🇫🇷🇷🇺🇬🇧🇩🇪🏧💲💯

  7. dgrz be Fly says:

    Fredo Bang gon get the attention he deserves most underrated artist out‼️

  8. Charles Spears says:

    You know his fallen soldiers are proud of they crew

  9. Lucious Roy says:

    Aint never seen this man angry yelling making threats on live he a real one.

    • liman8de923 chicken ass says:

      @debryson demouchet ok debryson

    • liman8de923 chicken ass says:

      @Jay Overstreet and if u wanna know where gee money is hes right next to blvd quick. dw i got u bro 🙂 they’re both in wall right next to each other. hopefully there bodies didnt decompose fully yet.

    • liman8de923 chicken ass says:

      @Santana Simmons no. some gangstas are just loud mouths. the only difference between someone like fredo and someone like gee or blvd quick. is 1 of em moves smarter. just cause someone speaks on everything doesnt mean they still wont have the balls to kill someone

    • Metzger jr says:

      @liman8de923 chicken ass talking smack on the net shit you real hard huh bro 😂

  10. alan martinez says:

    i swear every rapper got they own gas station lmao

  11. Bart Simpson says:

    I like fredo cuz he dont try to act to hard or be the loudest he just sit bacc and doing what him and G left off on 🙏🏽….that hockey mask varsity jacket hard asf to

  12. Fredo Bang says:

    Comment 5 times if this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. nay heem says:

    he dont need to be loud to get his message sent!

  14. Derrick & Derrion says:

    I be rappin but murder my passion..

  15. Chris Bryan says:

    Fredo trending im likeing this you know nba somewhere punching the air 😂😅 time for the real to shine 💪😈

    • Naquan Nimmons says:

      LV Da Great thats just ignorant to say how he snake his way to the top?? Nah all that street beef aside bc we got nothing to do with that lets be real yb got to the top because of his work ethic while these niggas sleep he be working. Fredo making his way but no need to discredit yb by speaking on shit that we know nothing about all we can go on is the content they put out🤷🏾‍♂️

    • liman8de923 chicken ass says:

      @Plumserrr{X187 yb doesn’t want tbg to succeed so yes I guarantee he’s pissed. And yb isn’t that the top. Drakes at the top.

    • Quashan Riggins says:

      liman8de923 chicken ass shit he ain’t to far behind goofy 🤣 and you talking about what YB wants like he told you hisself he hates Fredo 🤣

    • LV Da Great says:

      Naquan Nimmons I mean this nigga YB was in all of TBG videos then randomly stops chilling with niggas then blamed on G fucking his sister but meanwhile YB was on videos saying he ain’t care about that shit. 🤦🏼‍♂️ sure seems like he was snaking them niggas. Idk how you don’t see that. Nigga a whole goofy and be crying all the time

    • liman8de923 chicken ass says:

      @Quashan Riggins im just saying the obvious. everyone already knows yb dont fw tbg. u dont need to know yb him to figure that out. goofy. try again

  16. Bullet Gang says:

    “They want me dead they to late tho”. I wonder who he talking about😂

  17. Willie D Live says:

    My dude, the song is fire. You represent the now generation proper and carry yourself in a manner that both inspires and promotes the G-Code. Salutes!

  18. Phatso DaFool says:

    S/o to chevron.. gas station for the real loll ll

  19. micheal faraday says:

    Fredo is much better than roddy rich he is going viral without using *AUTHENT!C VIEWS D0T C0M* … to get more views who loves Fredo thumbs up

  20. FIVE6ix says:

    My music gon blow soon… Don’t keep sleeping on me 🤦🏾‍♂️

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