Free Busted Garden Tractor, But Can We Save It?

Free Busted Garden Tractor, But Can We Save It?

I went to a garage sale and this 1991 craftsman gt tractor was broken down in the yard with no takers, lets load it up and see if we can bring it back to life.

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20 Responses

  1. Kinemechanica says:

    The back could have a very large, dual bag grass catcher or other attachments. I owned a lesser model of this mower in the late 1990’s; not quite as tricked-out and it was a good mower IF you stayed on top of maintenance, which was pretty much constant. Kind of a “bolt together” mower; not elegant but serviceable. The deck had to be rebuilt every two to three years. Transmissions tended to be problematic…

  2. atariforever2002 says:

    Can’t say what I’m more envious of, your shop/workspace or the seemingly never-ending “stash” of goodies… nice vid!

    • Monkeybar Monkeyman says:

      The latter for me… he’s one of those blessed people who could walk through you-know-what and come out in gold shoes holding a rose. 🙂

    • Hjerte Verke says:

      @Tête Dur Ah, the outdoor stash you mean. If anyone knows the value of power equipment and old bicycles, it is Mustie, so if it was really valuable it would be indoor and a lot of it is. I also think he is well organized as much as feasibly possible. Obviously you are not him and you’re looking from the outside in with a jaundiced eye.

    • R Verro says:

      I like the shop.

    • R Verro says:

      @Tête Dur Well, your user’s name is kind of a hint.

    • R Verro says:

      @Hugh Evans Oh, I can relate.

  3. Ray Voorhies says:

    Machine dates back to when Craftsman was very well made and durable.

  4. Dominick Serignese says:

    I really enjoy the long mustie1 videos.i have learned a lot from watching you. The time seems to fly by so quickly. Your content is very interesting and I enjoy it. You are always into something different. Great variety of tinkering. Wouldn’t mind seeing a midweek shorter video also.Mustie1 videos have become part of my Sunday morning routine.Have a great week D and thank you!

  5. Roger says:

    I have fought the battle of Resurrecting a Craftsman riding lawn mower myself. While Mustie1 makes it look fun and entertaining it was a little less than that for me. End result I got it going and functioning and it lasted me about 15 years before I sold it. The new owner still uses it. As always, I look forward to spending Sunday morning watching old stuff come back to life with Mustie1.

  6. Richard Thomas says:

    WOW! That was a good find! In todays messed up world that is a rugged tractor and well worth fixing!

  7. Shadowsoul 2701 says:

    The hitch in the back is a sleeve hitch, it uses single pin garden attachments, most of them made by brinly. Very common for lighter duty machines with or without hydraulics.

  8. Ken Sherwood says:

    Fine tractor it seems to me. Well worth a 2nd video and a further work. Still surprised how people let such valuable equipment lounge about unused and unloved. Fortunately it’s found a good home and rather than being scrapped it gets to live a 2nd productive life, which is a real bonus

  9. TimeBucks says:

    Love older garden tractors

  10. Richard Jones says:

    The tractor turned out nicely, what a shame for the old owner of the property, life came to an end and their time and effort ends up coming to something close to nothing. The property looked so sad and abandoned, I guess the executors had not decided how to resolve its state. At least the tractor is getting revived.

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