Freestyle with Love is Blind’s Marshall Glaze | The Viall Files w/ Nick Viall

Freestyle with Love is Blind’s Marshall Glaze | The Viall Files w/ Nick Viall

Welcome back to The Viall Files: Love is Blind Edition! Today we are joined by Marshall Glaze fresh off of filming the Love is Blind Season Four Reunion. What happened with Jackie behind closed doors, what did he know about her familial obligations and attractions to Josh, and what does he think of the marriages that came out of this season? We ask all of the hard hitting questions. We then offer advice to a listener who is interested in two guys in the same fraternity and needs to make a decision before her impending graduation. 

“Hurt people hurt people.” 

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48 Responses

  1. Elle Bom says:

    I have no respect for Jackie. She was questioning his sexuality publicly & privately so I’m glad Marshall is finally having a chance to speak.

    • Margaret Craig says:

      Amen Marshall speak
      Your truth! I pray for you that God will bless you with loving companion who will love you!🙏🏼💕

    • King Davis Music says:

      @Kilia_akai we know the context was evil…. Jackie is wrong!!!!

    • Kilia_akai says:

      Questioning someone’s sexuality privately. Someone you are planning to marry and spend the rest of your life with was not wrong. If she was concerned she had the right to bring it up and address it. She was wrong to not just bring it to him but to tell her friends. That part was nasty.

  2. Annestacia Lewis says:

    It’s amazing how Jackie has no problem demonizing Marshall and yet he is giving her so much grace when he is free to go in on her …..tells a whole lot

    • CMapit says:

      @Cori Kenya oh okay. Well, based on what he said he said and even what she said he said, that doesn’t fall under the definition of transphobic. Her behavior, however, does fall under the definition of homophobic.

      And calling her a project is problematic, but it definitely doesn’t rise to the level of being a bad person. No one is perfect, and despite the judgment you’ve shown towards others, I’m sure people would think some things you’ve done aren’t the best. But that also wouldn’t make you a bad person.

    • Cori Kenya says:

      @CMapit that is actually correct. I don’t think people who admit to making homophobic jokes are good people. I also don’t think people who call other people a project are good people. This really isn’t complicated

    • CMapit says:

      ​@Cori Kenya so, even though she has continued to drag him, although he’s said nothing, you’ve come to the grand assumption that neither of them are good people??? That’s interesting, because people making bad choices does not automatically make them bad people. And none of us know enough about either of them to come to such a lofty conclusion.

    • Elisa Beary says:

      When her number one line in the pods was give yourself grace…? Classic. Practice what ya preach much.

    • Cori Kenya says:

      @Melissa Sllew yes, but Marshall has repeatedly said that was how they BOTH joked, Many times! They’re both not good people in my eyes, Marshall just knows better than to text it.

  3. Kasey Pukys says:

    Better than the reunion 🙄🙄

    • Chanzzz says:

      100 times better!

    • Allison Lerner says:

      WAY better than the reunion special! Nick and Vanessa did a poor job this time -we don’t really care about her opinion. I was so annoyed watching their B TEAM production. They referred to sm posts as if everyone knew/read them and didn’t show or clarify to viewers what the posts said. They should’ve assumed no one knew anything that was on social and at least prefaced them before asking questions. Was frustrated watching.

    • Jacki B. says:

      Totally agree. Vanessa REALLY bothered me during the reunion – being so unnecessarily tough on Paul and Marshall and also was sick by her insensitivity with pushing babies. I’m sure she meant well, but that’s one of the rudest things to say to a couple, because you have no idea if they HAVE been trying and are having issues, etc.

    • Erinkelly __ says:

      Oh yeah!

    • Vernette says:

      Such a class act…meanwhile Jackie is still posting and taking down “receipts”. Vanessa should feel ashamed of herself for how she handled their segment.

  4. Lauren banister says:

    i love that he didn’t try to overly bad mouth n talk shit abt jackie and josh. he just kept it real, said his side n left all the extra shit out. mature n emotionally stable king

  5. Adrienne Edwards says:

    This was a really good interview. I like that he held Marshall accountable but didn’t attack him the way Vanessa did.

    • CMapit says:

      ​​@Erik Stone you are all over this comment section dragging the black cast members completely unwarranted. Should I make a generalization about your character? 🙄

    • Erik Stone says:

      @Bruna E Oliveira because she knows Marshall is transphobic. I know the black and Latino community is violently transphobic but Vanessa ain’t down with that!

    • Honest Review says:

      Nick kind of threw in some shade and talked down on him because Marshall is younger. That’s the only thing I didn’t like

    • kayla whitehall says:

      @Bruna E Oliveira I agree the reunion was whack. They didn’t hold Jackie accountable for her behavior at all. And they were also kind of like that with Paul and Micah.

  6. Chele4Real says:

    Marshall should be the next Bachelor… he already has a following… it would be a hit

  7. AC D says:

    Just because you see potential in someone doesn’t mean they see it in themselves. I made that mistake once and never again.

  8. sunflowersentimientos says:

    I appreciate Nick, for gently letting Marshall know that he doesn’t neeeeeeed to be captain save a h** lmao

    • sydney calvo says:

      @Joanna SR well put.

    • sydney calvo says:

      @Ashley Williams It’s a patriarchy. Been like that for a long time.

    • sydney calvo says:

      This interview was almost the best thing of this whole season for me. It puts so much into perspective. The questions and discussion were quality. I appreciated Marshall’s humility and honesty. Any questions I had about his character were answered sufficiently for me. He’s a good guy.

    • C H says:

      ​@Joanna SR yep I went through something similar but it was moreso with friends and fam. It’s not uncommon at all

    • C H says:

      ​@Ashley Williams people do it everyday… ESPECIALLY women. Most are just not even self aware enough to even imply it.

      He’s young, I’m sure it’s a lesson learned at this point

  9. Wenzie Dube says:

    I’m glad he got a chance to speak, seeing as Vanessa attacked him at that reunion.

  10. duparcg says:

    You know Jackie is watching this and about to update her story to make a point lol. What a weirdo wanting acceptance after acting crazy on TV

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