In “FREE THE DELETE” Episode 10, Matt begins “THE PREPARATION” for his precarious plan to RESURRECT both ZENITH and his #BROKENBrilliance. All of the perilous pieces of Matt’s prophetic puzzle come to fruition.

Filmed and Edited by Reby Hardy
Written and Created by Matt Hardy
Produced by Matt and Reby Hardy

#MattHardy #HardyBoyz #BROKENMatt #HouseHardy



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75 Responses

  1. Zero7 artist says:

    Mat: “Bucks of youth I knew you’d come”
    Me: **screams**

  2. MelanicDisaster says:

    The Exalted One and his broken brilliance shall take part in a DELIGHTFUL dissection of the dubious Inner Circle through his destined dominion of the divine Dark Order!
    They will be… DELETED and AEW will have a new ruling force.
    It’ll be WONDERFUL

  3. Brad D says:

    43 years old and I’m marking out over a wrestling storyline. Just amazing.

  4. MoTown Rick says:

    Brodie Lee, Lance Archer and now Broken Matt Hardy. Who’s next? I can’t remember being this been this excited about wrestling since the Attitude Era

  5. Maurice B. says:

    Matt Hardy became outside of WWE one of the most entertaining characters I’ve ever seen. AEW has become the most entertaining wrestling company in a matter of months. This is like the megapowers. Matt, thank you so much for joining the only wrestling promotion I regularly follow and enjoy. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do and I’m sure it will be great. Give it your all and go take that well deserved spot as one of the most innovative and best wrestlers of all time. oh my god I am so hyped!

  6. Jerred with 2 Es and 2 Rs says:

    Hmm…all those people saying this wouldn’t happen, all saying it was a swerve, all saying he was staying with WWE…where are you now?

    • iGotDatGame says:

      @TheOnlyCT ^^ Beware of Troll!!^^^

    • TheOnlyCT says:

      @iGotDatGame who’s the troll? Kid. This is called having a difference of opinion. This isn’t trolling. I haven’t insulted anyone over who or what they like. But i have insulted people who say stupid shit, ie: name calling or TyPiNG LyKe Dis.

      If you want to contribute to the discussion, then talk. Otherwise go away and grow tf up.

    • Big Joe1627 says:

      TheOnlyCT If Hangman won the Championship the men division would have been in a slump like the women’s division. You just can’t have matches and inspect for them to get over. Chris Jericho helped plenty of people to start getting over. Jericho helped Darby, Cody, Jungle Boy, Scorpio Sky and the Inner Circle. Hangman would have helped no one because he wasn’t over.

    • Zero The Hero says:

      @Big Joe1627 Yeah I agree. How can you get anyone over if you don’t have household names to get them over with. Jericho was needed. So is Moxley and Cody. I wasn’t a fan of Hangman at first but it was really good storytelling over months that got him over. I kinda like him as much as Orange.. almost

    • Daniel Freer says:

      @TheOnlyCT its hard for “former wwe guys” to not be the ones who carry the show, if you are a top pro wrestling talent from the last however many year, then odds are youve been in wwe before. WWE and NJPW have been the only 2 options for pro wrestling at its peak for decades and now AEW exists but it needs time to mold its newer stars, sure they will help churn out future stars but this is the present and to sell you need to use top guys from the company, so theyd be doing this all wrong if they didnt give the current top guys (who have likely all been in wwe at some point or another) their moment to shine. That being said this is also total bullshit and not true, The bucks and kenny/page just put on the first ever 6 star tag team match in the united states and none of them are “former wwe guys” they are former njpw guys and their storyline has been the most compelling one for a while now.

  7. Bret Andrews says:

    YYYEEESSS!!!!!!!! Another great “wrestler” given another chance to show he’s still awesome!!!! Great move Matt. Can’t wait to see you come to Charleston, WV

  8. Chris Jr says:

    Remember when JR said Bucks of Youth?
    Everybody back then were saying Matt will come.

  9. David B. says:

    Cannot wait for AEW tonight!

    Can we talk about how AEW will eventually overtake WWE in ratings if they continue to incorporate youtube series and storytelling outside of the actual TV show itself? Getting viewers isnt solely about just putting on a good show, but also how you build up to said show. Knowing that theres a mainstream youtube audience and trying to recruit them to the show through these series like BTE and FTD , will help grow the brand tremendously. Well done young bucks, well done matt hardy, well done AEW and gg WWE. #BuildTheStoryAndTheyWillCome

    • killwalker 2019 says:

      “….and gg WWE”

      Im dead lmao

    • ©®™✓ says:

      I love AEW as much as the next guy, and haven’t watched WWE in years but I do not think it’s likely AEW will ever take WWE Raw/Smackdown over in the ratings. And that’s ok. They don’t need to. They have built their own fan base, they are turning a profit, their fans are happy, the workers are happy, and that’s all that matters. The reality of ratings is that for most people wrestling = wwe and I doubt that will ever change.

    • Corbs Corbs says:

      They can barely beat WWE “Development League” brand……….Wrestling as a whole in today’s time is not the same same when it was WWF v. WCW………….WWE is a well established “Global Brand” brand and they avg around 2M yet AEW abg around 900k. They will not over take them in ratings……….Not in today’s time….Maybe back in attitude era but not now

    • Mitchell Holcomb says:

      @©®™✓ Every normal person’s reaction to the word “wrestling” is “You mean like WWE?” You’re right. That’s not likely to change anytime soon. It’s not like those same normal people even know AEW exists. They don’t.

    • Daniel Freer says:

      the people saying its impossible clearly have no idea what the NBA is or how big it is come playoff time, AEW gets mentioned by the commentators of literally every NBA game that is televised and NBA is shown exclusively on TNT its not like the NFL where many major networks scramble to share with eachother to show the games and televise them. NBA playoff games always have higher ratings than any game in the nfl besides the superbowl which shares its television stations and only airs one day per year where as the NBA playoffs/finals is 7 different nights per series per year. AEW is brand new and the NBA playoffs haven’t even started and TNTs ratings as a whole ALWAYS go up dramatically come NBA playoff time and as soon as people who used to like wrestling but stopped because of WWE being bad see their first AEW commercial or hear their first commentator mention AEW it will draw viewership increases that are practically unheard of today in pro wrestling. and to the guy saying they are “barely” beating wwe developmental, well both shows are brand new and havent had the time to grab mainstream audiance attention yet because during the NFL season fox only cared to mention smackdown during their games and not any other WWE show because thats the show fox has, so no big time viewership yearly audiences have seen either other than the people who watch raw/sd already so NXT has a huge leg up on AEW because its already received the mainstream acknowledgement advertising that AEW has to wait to get until the NBA playoffs/finals begin. and its still not even as close as some may lead you to believe, AEW dominates NXT every week, and its not even close. Finally i would like to say stop calling NXT “wwe developmental” because they have already shown they can put on a better average show than the “bigger shows” raw/sd only get more people watching because theyve both been around for decades compared to NXT’s not even 1 year.

  10. Vinny Darnell says:

    This is like an avengers trailer 😂

  11. Shaun Of The Dread says:

    WWE dont deserve him welcome to AEW Matt

  12. Scuba Steve says:

    Much like Jericho, this man reinvents and draws interest just by being creatively freed. It’s time…..FREE THE DELETE!

    • Nakkles says:

      @RamboNambo (aka Sorpresa) maybe he could do the same concept but with little changes

    • Ring Talk Wrestling News says:

      @enniobg13 Bray def needs to go to AEW

    • ThejaRRo OnE says:

      Dark J3ss imagine the fiend being leader of the dark order ? It would be like undertaker and the ministry of darkness

    • james stephenson says:

      Scuba Steve Matt has reinvented himself better then Chris all Chris did was put on a Fedora and leather jacket Matt has changed his hair voice and even the way he walks to the ring

    • Ring Talk Wrestling News says:

      @james stephenson Ok, we don’t watch the same show then, you are way off sir.

  13. James Steevens says:

    Let’s hope he makes it there hope to see him on the show tonight!

    • roger rose says:

      It would be cool, but won’t happen I believe he has a 90 day non compete clause which sucks. But either this week or next we should see luke harper

    • KairosObjective says:

      @roger rose Nah. 90 day non competes are for guys whom get released..NOT for those like Matt whom let his contract expire.

    • Kmart Gaming says:

      He doesn’t have a no
      Compete clause. His contract ran out, no compete is released contracts. He’s free to do what he wants.

    • AvocadoGhost says:

      roger rose No that’s only when people get released early from their contract. Since Matt Hardy waited out the entire contract he can start ASAP

    • roger rose says:

      @AvocadoGhost thanks see that you really do learn something new every day lol.

  14. Ryder Omega says:

    Yes the anime we never asked for but will always love WONNDSDEEFULLL

  15. ryan cornelius says:

    Nick “what’s up matt?”. Like its nothing. God dammit I love it. Delete!

  16. Chris O'Neill says:

    Why stay OBSOLETE, when you can be ALL ELITE

  17. downnice says:

    When the Bucks showed up I literally marked out like a little kid, absolutely amazing

  18. Amy Vizor says:

    36 years old and I’m getting giddy,….matt hardy is epic at his art

  19. Josh Schneider says:

    Talk about sending shivers down a grown man s spine. This brought a year to my eye. It will be…. Wwwwwwwwoooooonnnnnndddderful.

  20. free Hawk says:

    AEW is killing it I haven’t watched this stuff in over 20 years. Glad they let these guys shine even if it doesn’t work out every time. That other company is like pop music yeah it gets more ears or views, discussion, and of course the most important thing money.But its an old guy always at the top telling you whats cool but if you look past what is forced on you, you’ll discover a whole world of people making music for the art of it and they will always be there working on their craft. AEW and other brands are showing you the ART of pro wrasslin on TV and its great.

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