Freeze The Heart, Then Smash It To Pieces (Just like my ex did)

Freeze The Heart, Then Smash It To Pieces (Just like my ex did)

A new approach to dissecting a heart, by freezing it solid in LN2, then chiseling it open to have a look inside.

How a Heart Works by KhanAcademy:

Making a Real 2lb Chocolate Heart:

Endcard Links:

Exploding Toilet:
Mini RPG:
Bat Blades:
Silicone In A Vacuum Chamber:

See What Else I’m Up To:


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20 Responses

  1. Chocolate Fox says:

    the king of random you should do a collaboration​ with What’s Inside 👌

  2. Lucas Mb says:

    Try to put water in the vacuum chamber and freeze it to make a crystal ball with no bubbles

  3. Music Jam says:

    You should do a chocolate brain

  4. Amane Abunada says:

    in your next project, color the liquid nitrogen with food coloring, how well it respond to the coloring and will the gas change color?

  5. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

    This turned out to be a lot more educational than I expected. I now feel like I know quite a bit about the heart. Did anyone watch the Khan Academy video on how the heart works?

  6. Nick Jade says:

    its Anna’s heart … well don’t expect a sequel of frozen

  7. Jolli 2000 says:

    The heart and the vacum chamber took over you channel:(  now you arent doing more random fun stuff:(

  8. Jack says:

    When will we start to see videos on making things again, I miss them.

  9. itubekids says:

    plz make a brain mold so it could be a gummy brain I put this comment in your last video it was the first i sall so its original

  10. Cheez Wiz Photography says:

    Hey Grant, I love your videos but im saddened because you stopped making diy tutorials. I loved the foundry one the most. Can you please make some more diy tutorials.Please if you see this please let me know why….. Thanks,Cheez Wiz Photography

  11. dante ciampanelli says:

    Never trust an edited comment

  12. connor nicholls says:

    Cast your own hand in silicone and do what you did with the pokeballs: make a wax casting then make a metal casting!

  13. Micahchu says:

    Freeze The Heart, Then Smash It To Pieces (Just like my ex did)

    Bad day?

  14. Fishing It Up says:

    1like=luck for 7days
    1sub= meet grant
    have a great day

  15. Catman and Dogin says:

    Freeze proto putty in liquid nitrogen and put it in hot water

  16. Finn Oconnell says:

    there was ice in t he tuby thing so i thing silicon and water dont mix?

  17. oliverboi says:

    put the heart pices in the microwave

  18. Johnny2442 2 says:

    Grant make a chocolate pig brain

  19. Seymour says:

    Probably not the best idea to smash it inside the house .

  20. Roni Rautio says:

    What is the actual purpose of liquid nitrogen

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